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  • Should the Apple Store be forced to sell lemons?

    Thank you DED, looking forward to the next article.

    Every Monday? I must have been missing your articles as hadn’t seen one of this quality for quite a while.. 

    Much prefer the honest opinions of DED over the articles that are clearly just catering to the anti-Apple crowd that insist on habitually frequenting Apple centric websites and forums.. Or worse, obviously written just to encourage arguments in the comments.

  • Apple will pause U.S. Apple Watch sales starting December 21

    sdw2001 said:
    This is about nothing more than money. And I don’t  just mean Masimo.  Their market cap is 6 billion. Apple’s is 3 trillion.  Right now Apple feels it’s cheaper and easier to announce they’re going to comply with the order and fight it in the courts. If necessary, they’ll simply buy the company outright.  Announcing they are actually going to stop selling the latest. Apple Watch is a brilliant move.  The Biden administration can use any win it can get right now. They’ll probably make a big deal of announcing they saved Christmas or something. 
    Apple is a real bully. Apple + Masimo met for partnership/acquisition talks but Apple had a secret plan (Project Everest) to steal the tech without paying. They even recruited 20 of Masimo’s team, doubling their salaries…. Apple paid their CTO $4M to come over, and in his 1st 2 weeks he filed 12 patents for sensors at Apple that were Masimo trade secrets… the worst part is that Apple fumbled the ball and the product doesn’t really work and Apple didn’t get FDA approval like Masimo did.

    Joe Kiani, the immigrant electrical engineer CEO of Masimo seems to be fighting this as a vendetta - he’s spent >$60M fighting Apple so far & preliminarily seems to have won… most companies would not keep fighting.
    I see you have posted this exact post on at least two threads, do you have a vested interest at all?

    Or do you have some way of proving what you’ve said?

    Even if relevant, there is every possibility that the Masimo CEO saw dollar signs at Apple being interested and was trying to be too greedy.. without being a part of what happened there is no way we can ever truly know.

    One thing is for certain there are many smaller companies that try to ride the tails of successful ones to make their own business work.  Big successful companies are not automatically the bully in every case.
  • Apple readying for legal battle against European Union's App Store regulations

    s.metcalf said:
    Apple may be big, but the EU is bigger.  The perpetual bully will have a taste of its own medicine…again.  And unlike American politics, Apple can’t bribe their way out of it with lobbyists and corporate donations.  The EU simply isn’t the same kind of corporate cesspool that America is.
    That is just delusional, The EU is being bribed and lobbied by the likes of Epic, Spotify and greedy devs that would likely not have had successful businesses at all without the App Store and iPhone eco system in the first place.

    And they certainly would not be taking home 70-85% of sales made in the previous business models. 
  • Future Apple monitor could act as smart home display

    I do hope they think to include stand alone Apple TV functionality in any future screen powered by an A series chip..

    I am kinda surprised they didn’t do that with the Studio Display..  
  • Alternative App Store payment service in holding pattern, waiting for Apple to change

    There may well be ‘a demand from developers to work with customers away from Apple's ecosystem‘ but there is next to zero demand from Apple’s customers for this.

    We appreciate things like all subscriptions in one place, Apple’s dedication to improving privacy, not selling our data to all potential buyers, etc., etc.

    And those that do not already have a choice to get a phone with access to multiple app stores (and thereby alternative payment systems).

    All agreeable comments so far, (wonder where the trolls are hiding) this is indeed a parasite trying to make money of the hard work of others for doing very little themselves.  And biting the hand that feeds is a fitting description for these devs that make money from the App Store but think they shouldn’t need to pay Apple - they apparently have no idea how things worked before iPhone and App Store.