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  • Rumored 'Mac Studio' and new Apple display leaked in renders

    mattinoz said:
    Logic people, can we have a little logic. 
    The M1 MacMini uses about half the volume of the device compared to the Intel MacMini. Also not a lot of the thermal envelop. 

    Apple could put an M1 Max or more in the old design and still have design up their sleeve. 
    What is on earth was the mock-up artist thinking might need the device to be twice as high. No need to increase power supply or cooling capacity without some additional function in there. Afterburner or second SOC would seem to be the only options seeing they are saying non-3rd Party. But then you need lots of cooling say front to back if they are vertical fin to fit in the space. 

    If it is going to take even a half-length card as an option the doubling direction is still all wrong.  

    The current Mac mini case couldn't run the M1 Max at sustained performance. It would need to be bigger with better active cooling.

    And it certainly couldn't run dual M1 Max, which is something that's coming. Whether it starts with the Mac Studio, or much later with the Mac Pro, remains to be seen.
  • Rumored 'Mac Studio' and new Apple display leaked in renders

    entropys said:
    The displays to beat IMHO are the 27 inch LG Ultrafine (5K thunderbolt and about AUD$1800) and the Dell ultrasharp U2723QE (4K IPS black tech USBC dock and about AUD$930). I believe both are only 60hz.
    so it is possible to to outdo either of them just by having an LCD to compete with them with a full power dock and 120hz and an attractive chassis.

    The 27" LG is long in the tooth, horrible build quality, and still costs $1300.

    An Apple chassis with the iMac's 5K 27" 60Hz LCD panel....without mini LED and without promotion, is already a steal at $999, the rumored price point.
  • New Apple 'Mac Studio' may fit in between Mac mini and Mac Pro

    More like the Mac Pro itself is coming in 2 models, a small and large. Mac Pro and Mac Pro Max.
    Reportedly, the device will be mostly based on the Mac mini's design but will feature "much more powerful hardware."
    This is what threw me in reading the article. If this Mac Studio is the rumored Mac Half Pro, something the size of 3 or 4 stacked Mac mini's or a PowerMac G4 Cube, or a 2013 Mac Pro, or a Mac IIci on its side, at some point it's really not based on the Mac mini's design anymore.

    If it is that much larger, there isn't going to be much similarity between a Mac mini and this box.

    Then, how is it going to differ from the Mac mini that is rumored to have an M1 Pro and perhaps an M1 Max?
    The Mac mini is not going to have 40 cores. Period. The device that is code named Mac Studio will be the smaller Mac Pro. It has been reported for over a year that the Mac Pro will come in 2 distinct models, one being much smaller than the other, and starting with 40 cores. The larger one will have more performance and also come in Intel configs.
  • App Store users spend more than double what Google Play users do on subscriptions

    I think this gives a false perception. It isn't actually that iOS users spend more than Android users. It's that there are far fewer of these types of users on Android. The kind of user that actually uses their device the way people use iOS devices is much more rare in the Android ecosystem. The size of the Android market is over inflated by throwaway devices, devices that are only used for specific purposes, cheap work phones, etc. etc. etc.

    The reality is that regardless of what "market share" says of iOS vs. Android...."user share" is much more accurately reflected by these kinds of statistics. Easily a 4 to 1 dominance of iPhone users who actually use the thing, vs. Android users who actually user theirs.
  • Apple & Big Tech may just keep paying fines instead of abiding by new laws

    dewme said:
    Is anyone surprised by this in the very least? The Dutch authorities haven’t a clue about what they are doing and are totally unwilling to work with Apple to come up with a fair and equitable solution that doesn’t punish Apple for its success or impart risk on Apple’s customer base. 

    The only card the Dutch authorities know how to play is the punishment card, whether it’s fair or not to apply it in this situation. At this point it’s in the Dutch authority's best interest to maintain their childish position because they’ve created a new and recurring source of revenue, which may have been the plan all along considering the unrealistic expectations they’ve levied on Apple and their unwillingness to consider the efficacy of what Apple has already proposed as a workaround. 
    It's on Apple to prevent situations getting to this point to begin with. There are several similar situations brewing in the U.S. that Apple is going to ignore until regulators finally step in, and then its going to be worse for everyone, because now the terms are going to be dictated by the clueless, and Apple is going to play victim and pretend like it's only bad because it's being forced on them. Well, no kidding Apple. Had you read the writing on the wall that everyone else has, you could have headed off much of what's coming by making appropriate changes yourself, changes you have time to plan out and execute properly.