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  • Apple Watch calls 911 for woman suffering from widowmaker heart attack

    sdw2001 said:
    Great outcome. I’m a little confused about the medical issue, though. A ruptured aorta is not a widow maker heart attack. In fact, that is not a heart attack at all. A widow maker heart attack involves a blockage in the LAD artery which runs TO the aorta.  
    Don't let the technical inaccuracy of the author get in the way of missing the main point to the story.
  • The Facebook privacy settlement is real -- how to claim your share

    rob53 said:
    Looks like an April Fool's joke. Why would I want to claim a couple dollars by giving them personal information? Isn't that what Cambridge Analytica already has? Facebook already knows who used Facebook between those dates along with all their personal information. Facebook simply needs to send every Facebook user a secure link to get the money. Of course, this would still validate all the personal information Facebook already has. 
    As you said, they already have it. I know it's only a few bucks for me individually (and everyone else), but I want to see FB pay every penny of that settlement, so the more people that claim a piece, the better.
  • Don't recharge your iPhone using public USB ports, FBI warns

    zimmie said:
    Note that the FBI doesn't claim to have any evidence of such an attack ever actually happening. Keep your device updated, and this isn't a concern. 
    Right, because letting something bad happen first is always better than getting ahead of it. Keeping your device updated won't do jack against this kind of attack.
  • Don't recharge your iPhone using public USB ports, FBI warns

    I'm surprised the author or the FBI didn't recommend data blocking USB adapters. They're a very inexpensive solution.
  • Apple isn't done with 2022 -- here's what's still coming

    CiaranF said:
    Apple mightn’t de done with 2022

    But after last nights feeble attempts with “Dynamic Island” “I’m done with Apple. 

    I wasn’t impressed. I was even more gutted when I saw their price for a base model iphone 14 pro in the EU. €1339 for a base model when last years 13 Pro was €1079. So after 14 years of accepting your feeble increments every year and putting up with your price increases I’ve decided that I can but an S22U with Watch Pro 5 for less and probably get the buds thrown in too for not much more. 

    You’re ok if you’re in the US though. They haven’t increased their price. 

    This is the last straw Apple. With your zero innovation and greedy money grabbing prices. 

    Goodbye and good riddance. 
    It humors me when people announce their "exit". No one cares. Just go and save the drama for your mama.