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  • Here's proof that Apple makes your life miserable with pathetic display management

    I appreciate the info, but I already looked into those things. And I'm not going to install any of those, because no person that paid $5,000 for a computer should have to put up with this crap. It's as simple as that. And I will file complaints with the Department of Justice, with the FTC and every single government agency I can because it's about time somebody takes Apple down from that high horse, and force them to see, it's not OK to pull this crap on people.

    Like I said, even if this machine was $1,000, it's still not OK to have to put up with this. As I'm sure many people with $1,000 Mac Minis do put up with this crap every day. And I have proven extensively that this has nothing to do with what monitor you have, because macOS knows each and every time, which physical monitor is connected to which physical port in the back of the machine.

    Therefore, having established that as an undeniable fact, the system is probably a few lines of code away from assigning the role of main to the monitor plugged in to port 1, and the role of extended to the one plugged in into port 2, or 3, or 4. And honestly it doesn't even matter, because if you assigned the role of main to the monitor with UID 0x01759FEE81285300, and the role of extended to monitor with the UID 0x0175A7333C21D300, then if you connect them to other ports, the OS still knows that monitor UID: 0x01759FEE81285300 is the main one and UID: 0x0175A7333C21D300 is the extended one. Period. There's no possible discussion about it. I don't like to see things in black or white, but in this case it is, because I wasted a lot of time of my life that I will never get back, just because some idiot at Apple thought it was a good idea to let macOS assign display roles at random.
  • Here's proof that Apple makes your life miserable with pathetic display management

    Marvin said:

    I also sent three emails to [email protected], knowing that it’s not Tim Cook’s everyday email, but thinking that perhaps somebody there is assigned to read emails sent to it, and somehow this was going to catch their attention. Never received a reply.

    Apple has technical support staff to handle these kind of issues, there's a Mac feedback app to submit issues or it can be done online:

    File it as an OS bug and see what their engineers say. It might take a while for them to fix it as it has to go through layers of testing before it makes it into a release but the right people will see the issue.
    I already forgot how many times I submitted a bug report for this. It's probably around 70 to 90. Not to mention that like I said, I spent two hours on the phone with a tech support rep that asked me lots of questions, which I answered in all detail, and he asked me to run a diagnostics app (not system info, some internal app) and he saved the report from that app and sent it to the engineers. 

    The reality is that Apple doesn't give a damn, because they are focused on the iPhone, the iPad, the Watch, and everything but this. I had that call on December 1st. And my bug reports started in June when I got the machine. So I would say they had more than enough time to go through those layers of testing, about twenty of them. Hell, they know which exact monitors I have, they are still available on Amazon, they can place an order and have them there the next day. They just don't care, plain and simple.