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  • Apple forced to include charger with iPhone in Sao Paulo

    jasonfj said:
    I have around seven lightning to USB-A cables with wall plugs lying around which work fine. I have another couple of QI chargers.  

    The vast majority of iPhone 12 buyers will also have plenty of existing cables and compatible chargers. The addition of the lightning to USB-C cable in the box provides the option to plug into a recent MacBook that many may not have already, and it doesn’t implicitly require an extra charging brick. 

    So it depends how you look at it. I see it as a positive. 
    I thought the same until I left my 12 Pro Max to charge and update overnight on a 5W charger, only to be told in the morning that the update couldn't be completed because it wasn't connected to a power supply. Give it a try.
  • Apple sources 20M face masks, designs and ships face shields for medical workers

    georgie01 said:

    My amateur projections saying the number of infected will quadruple over the next 2 week (in the USA)...

    I really hope I’m wrong.
    You may be right and of course that would be very bad, but we as a country desperately need perspective. As of now, if the coronavirus deaths quadruple they will still be less than projected deaths for the flu. It also very likely that the death rate is strongly skewed toward a higher death rate since those who are suffering are mainly the ones being tested.

    I only say these things because our panic and overreactions to the coronavirus is causing more problems than the virus itself. We need to take it seriously, but we need to have perspective and patience.

    And we also need self discipline—if people were acting responsibly this outbreak would already be under control, and we’d also not be perpetually out of foods and supplies and greedy losers charging $40 for a 16oz bottle of ‘Equate’ (Walmart brand) isopropyl alcohol on eBay.
    It's not like the flu has gone away. These deaths are in addition to flu fatalities, and hospitals opperate at near-capacity at the best of times. COVID-19 deaths will also be concentrated over a much shorter period. If they equal flu deaths it will have been over 2-3 months, not spread out over a year. And once again, this is on top of flu deaths.

  • Review: The 2018 MacBook Pro with i9 processor is the fastest laptop Apple has ever made, ...

    OK, do you want a 9 pound laptop? For what? Why not use a desktop instead? I’ve got to believe the market for those who need desktop or workstation class performance in a portable device is very small. Apple doesn’t cater to extremely niche markets.
    Why do you keep saying a 9 pound laptop? Total strawman. The 2011 MB Pro 17" was an absolute tank and weighed 6.6 pounds. It was also a total workhorse and I had no problem putting up with the weight when travelling to work overseas for a couple of weeks at a time. That's a fairly common professional use case. There are plenty of others. I'm sure the latest slim ones outperform my old beast but imagine the grunt they could put into that form factor with today's tech. FWIW that's what a "pro" laptop should be in my opinion. But yes I agree it's just a marketing term now (unfortunately) and Apple will never put that genie back in the bottle.