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  • Grocer Kroger launches QR code-based payment service, snubs Apple Pay

    I love the speed of Apple Pay.  I use it where I can, but it is still very limited at the places I shop.

    Walmart Pay is much slower and a more involved process.   But Walmart Pay, with Savings Catcher, does offer some additional economic incentives.  I’ve up to $250 in savings with Savings Catcher.
  • Low heart rate monitoring included in watchOS 5

    Hmmm.... a heart-rate sustained below 40 bpm?? I'd be dead already.
    My resting heart rate is in the mid 40's and occasionally when I'm in for a medical procedure that requires anesthesia it'll drop to 38-36 beats per minute. Freaks out the people who are performing the procedure so I warn them ahead of time that it's slow.
    For most people, a heart rate below 40 bpm can lead to serious health issues, including death.   My normal resting heart rate is in the mid 40s.   But when I sleep, my heart rates wants to go down into the 30s.   The reason I say “wants to” is because I have a defibrillator implanted in my chest, which keeps my heart rate from going below 40 bpm.    My heart rate has always been slow, but medically it wasn’t an issue until I had a heart attack.   The doctors would always say “good, but we need to keep an eye on it”.   But insurance companies determine what healthcare we receive, so it seems like a heart attack, with a $498,000 bill, was the wakeup call.   A $50 K defibrillator would have be cheaper.  I would like to buy and wear an Apple Watch, but I think all it would tell me is “get yea to the emergency room immediately!”   
  • Apple wants to replace your car keys with an iPhone

    With my wife’s Lexus, as long as one of us has a keyless entry remote on us, a hand on the door handle and the doors unlock.  Engine starts with a push of s button.   I like that I don’t have to pull a key out of my pocket.   I would like a system that ID’s me as the person trying to drive the Lexus, not just someone who has the keyless remote on them.