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  • Compared: AirPods Pro vs Sony WF-1000XM4 true wireless earbuds

    kmarei said:
    Isn't it about time apple introduces something better for audio streaming compared to standard Bluetooth ?
    LDAC or APTX etc?
    Not really. Unfortunately most people fall victim to marketing and don't really understand what this alphabet soup of acronyms means. Bluetooth uses a default codec called SBC for stereo audio. Think of it as a lowest common denominator: ALL Bluetooth devices that do stereo audio MUST support this codec, so they're interoperable. Then each manufacturer can optionally support other codecs of their choice, such as AptX and variants. Apple has been using AAC on its headphones. It's an excellent, high quality codec and there isn't a person in the world capable of hearing the difference between it and AptX, I guarantee it. Its just that Qualcomm has put millions into communicating the message "AptX  = high quality sound" so people ask for it without even understanding what it is they're asking for -- they just know they want it.
    Turns out, they already have something just as good in their AirPods or Beats headphones.
  • Apple Car effort gains BMW electric car executive Ulrich Kranz

    Apple *is* working on an automotive project that was announced at WWDC! Soon you'll be able to unlock your new car with your iPhone or Apple Watch.
  • Man sues Apple for terminating Apple ID with $24K worth of content

    What did he spend 24k on? Smurf berries? That’s quite a lot of scratch. But yes it outlines how you’re being told you’re “buying” digital goods when in reality you’re licensing rights that are quite restrictive.
    if you were buying books or CDs, you’d have shelves full of crap for your heirs to fight over (or haul off to landfill). With digital media, all that stuff just evaporates. It’s kinda funny they charge as much for it as a DVD or BluRay used to cost.
  • Apple's $1000 AR headset expected in 2022, 'Apple Glass' in 2025, contact lenses in 2030

    Contact lenses? It’s Apple, not Torchwood.
  • Child spends $16K on iPad game in-app purchases

    I will not side with Apple on this one. The store is curated, so everything on it carries their seal of approval. I don’t see how a game that allows charging so much in in-game purchases can not be considered for what it is: a complete scam. And Apple should set much stronger rules and caps on in-app spending for games. This is ridiculous.