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  • Mac Studio review roundup: The Pro's choice

    the Mac Studio remains unparalleled in its performance and capabilities” for 3D rendering? I assume the context was “among Apple’s M-chip offerings,” because otherwise this is an absurd statement. 
  • The new Apple Silicon Mac Pro badly misses the mark for most of the target market

    I’m curious how you’re fitting four 6900’s in the Mac Pro. I was only able to get two. Any examples?

    I think Apple has once again drawn a line in the sand
    making it clear they are OK with true power users having to use PC’s. Apple is just bored by and unserious about truly high end computing. I’m guessing they are OK with folks with extreme use cases moving to commodity Windows machines. 

    I’m a Houdini user on my Mac Pro, use it for running special effects simulations and rendering. The Mac was already a slightly painful platform for 3D work because of lack of Nvidia support, but with a cap of 192GB Ram, simulation work is out the window. And 3D rendering is a joke without multiple GPUs. So, after being a lifelong Mac user, my next primary machine will have to be a Windows box, which makes me ill. But, I get it, I’m a niche user and Apple just isn’t in the unsexy, geeky, high end compute business. 
  • No, Apple is not making better products because Jony Ive left

    I wish Apple would make better software products with Ive gone. It was insane that someone like Ive was ever given control over software design. He is an industrial designer, a completely different field. He managed in a short time to seriously damage Apple’s legacy of human-centered design, leading the firm down a path of precious prettiness over function. It really saddens me to see that nobody has been #brave enough to set it back on course. The grotesque redesign of macOS alone is filled with many little pockets of shameful UX. The wrongheaded Safari tab redesign shows a company without a strong editorial eye overseeing software design. The graphic designers now have the keys to the kingdom and this does not bode well for the usability of Apple’s products. 
  • Apple Silicon M1 Macs do not support eGPUs

    I wish Apple would shit or get off the pot when it comes to supporting pros. Integrated graphics don’t cut it, period, especially since major pro software packages are built to take advantage of real GPUs. They aren’t going to rewrite their stuff for the small Mac market. It’s exhausting being strung along by Apple. 
  • Here are the Apple TV+ shows that you can watch at launch, and what's coming soon

    It’s impossible to know if $4.99 is an attractive price until we know what the full catalog looks like. If Apple thinks I’ll pay $5 a month for 15 shows, only 3 of which are interesting to me, they are insane.