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  • Hacker allegedly posed as Apple Support to scam user out of $1,500

    Well for one, Apple Support will not call you out of the blue. You need to contact them first. Two, Apple does not use Xfinity at all so that is a very big scam warning right there.
    Three, I don't know of any remote control software for any iPhone. So something doesn't add up in this story and how did that person get all of the banking information to take that money. 
  • Why Apple's move to an ARM Mac is going to be a bumpy road for some

    It's a bad decision for a lot of reasons. Bootcamp is used in a lot of businesses so I highly doubt the number of bootcamp users is only 2 percent. The versatility with having a computer that can run multiple operating systems can't be beat. Most people that do run Windows on a Mac think it runs better than a native PC. 

    This is a BIG mistake for Apple to make. Now this will force me to buy a PC for what I do on the windows side which will cost me more money. That sucks!
  • What you don't get with the new iPhone SE

    Comparing the top of line phone with the SE2 is silly. Everyone knows the 11 Pro specs are going to be vastly better. Apple is giving the people who can't afford the Pro a choice of something that has great features at a great price and looks good too. Sure not all the bells and whistles of the Pro but like others have said that ain't going to happen at this low price point. The size of the phone also matters to people. Not everyone wants a huge phone or uses even a quarter of the features and for these people the SE2 is a great buy that they will be very happy with. Good for Apple to give and option like this for those people.
  • Why Apple's move to an ARM Mac is going to be a bumpy road for some

    Unless they can keep all the features that are currently in place including Bootcamp it would be the worst mistake Apple could do.
  • ARM Mac Pro coming sooner rather than later, says Jean-Louis Gassee

    I would take his word with a grain of salt. He doesn't work for Apple so I just don't think this is happening that soon if at all. They need to make that kind of processor do everything that the Intel one does today. Many businesses use the Mac now because they have dual operating system capabilities. Changing to anything else would possibly be a major hit on business customers and home users as well.