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  • Apple CEO Tim Cook calls for racial equality in light of US shooting deaths

    why- said:
    apple ][ said:
    I also have some common sense advice to anybody of any color or race, if they wish to avoid getting shot by the police.

    Don't be a moron. Don't resist arrest. Be respectful, don't be a douchebag and I probably shouldn't even have to write this last one, but don't go for their gun or attempt to get violent with the police.

    Most of the people who have gotten shot deserved what they got, due to their incredible stupidity. I don't care what color you are, don't resist arrest. If you do, then whatever happens to you will be your own making, and I couldn't care less what happens to you in that case.

    is it the law in America that the sentence for resisting arrest is death? because that's kind of messed up
    No, but a police officer is a human and is going to react. When you threaten someone with a gun, or try to grab theirs, naturally a human being fears for his safety. Especially when he knows you've got a violent rap sheet three city blocks long. 

    It's like crossing the street on foot. You might have the right of way but if you step in front of a moving car you're going to get hurt. People who didn't get into altercations with the police didn't get shot by police. 
  • Apple led effort to remove rifle emoji from Unicode 9.0, report says

    daven said:
    apple ][ said:

    Irrelevant. Their ideology was foreign, from elsewhere.

    And their ideology is complete garbage, and it's going to end up in the dumpster soon.
    So what is your excuse for Tim McVay, the Sandy Hook shooter, the church shooter, the Columbine shooters, etc.? In the end I think objective people will conclude that the Orlando shooter was more motivated about being a conflicted gay than about a religious ideology. Reports are that he frequented gay bars, used gay dating apps, etc. Hardly activities that fit into being a devout Muslim.
    So the fact that there are wackjob US citizens means you should import more whack jobs from overseas? 

    Read about Taqiyya. What he did by scoping out gay clubs and dating apps is perfectly acceptable under the rules of Jihad. You notice there are no reports of him actually carrying on homosexual relationships. He was there to scope the place out so he could create maximum carnage. 
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