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  • Max out Mac Pro trash can or jump to a newer iMac or Mac Mini?

    It sounds like you’d be a candidate for a Mac Mini Pro. The first M1 Mini versus the first M1 MBP (13”) was and still is a $600 base price difference. So if Marvin’s guess is right that a $2599 M1 Pro MBP with 32/1TB would meet your needs, then I’d expect a hypothetical Mini Pro to be about $1999 for that same configuration.

    The problem is, it’s unknown if Apple will go there. I’ve argued elsewhere that they won’t, but you never know. An event that rolls out both a new iMac XDR and a new Mini at the same time isn’t terribly far-fetched. Like Marvin says, there’s a decent chance we will know by March. Then the new Mac Pro and the new Pro Display XDR, along with a possible iMac Pro XDR, would come in June, exactly two years after the Apple Silicon launch…
  • Apple's new 27-inch iMac with Apple Silicon - what to expect, and when it might be announc...

    Nice job with this article — a well-balanced assessment of what’s been happening in the “rumor mill.” The only thing not mentioned is the supposed leak of codenames for a third stage of M1 silicon, which doesn’t really add anything because so little is known about what those entail. 

    I’m still hoping for a 32-inch (in addition to the 27-inch) iMac Pro with dual-die options. 
  • Apple Silicon iMac Pro coming Spring 2022, no 'iPhone Fold' until 2023 analyst says

    tht said:
    While Young did not detail anything about the 27-inch iMac beyond the display, it's likely that any new pro-focused iMac model will sport Apple's M1 Pro and M1 Max chips as options.
    It really needs to have the rumored "M1 Max duo" as the top end SoC. It has to be >50% faster than the 18-core iMac Pro in CPU which scores about 13000 in GB5 multi and >50% faster the Radeon Pro 5700XT which scores about 80k in GB5 compute. It's will be 2 years+ from an update to iMac 5K and iMac Pro. There needs to be a reason to upgrade and the M1 Pro and M1 Max really aren't going to be enough.

    An M1 Max Duo with 16 p-cores, 4 e-cores, and 64 g-cores should score around 20k in GB5 multi and 110k in GB5 compute. Also, 128 GB RAM should be the top end RAM config at least.
    Yes, the dual-processor approach seems likely. Then a quad option for the Mac Pro.

    I also think this report is probably correct that the larger iMac will be called the "iMac Pro" and there will no longer be two consumer iMac sizes. If you want the larger, more professional display, you buy the Pro. This new display will obviously be a step up from the Retina 5K, and if it is "mini LED" then it will have the XDR designation. The same team that engineered and designed the Pro Display XDR will have created this one as well (and probably again manufactured by LG). Cost surely dictates that it won't be in quite the same class, but it will have a lot of the same advantages.
  • Employee COVID outbreak forces Apple to close Texas store

    chadbag said:
    sflocal said:
    This is human stupidity at its finest.  The selfish, moronic, conspiracy-loving anti-vaxxers are putting people's live at risk.  They are just too stupid and ignorant to accept it.  I'm all for personal choice and keeping the government out of my body, but what's it going to take to get these people to understand that COVID is here to stay until they get vaccinated?! 

    One can only hope that Darwin will take care of things, but even then... that's years down the road.
    The vaccine does not stop you from spreading or getting covid.  It does lessen the effects if you get it.  So I fail to see how someone  who has concerns about the covid vaccines and is not vaccinated is any more at fault for the spread.  

    Repeat:  The vaccine does not prevent the spread of covid.  It does lessen symptoms once you get it.  

     (Yes I am vaccinated). 
    Your reasoning is based on the assumption that vaccinated and unvaccinated people get COVID at the same rate. That is just false. As others have already said, it’s not slightly different, it’s massively different. 

    I’ve heard this same thing recently in person, I guess it is the latest vector of disinformation. It involves a bit of sleight of hand, taking one proven fact (a vaccinated person with COVID can spread the virus), removing its context (vaccinated people are far less likely to get COVID), and using that as an excuse.
  • Epic vs. Apple App Store changes will wait until after the appeal

    lkrupp said:
    if Apple is accurate when it says it may take months to complete, then either Apple will be in violation of a court order, or Apple will have to shut down its store to avoid being in violation of a court order. There are no other options. I'm hoping for the latter, of course.
    You’re hoping for the latter? You’re hoping that Apple is forced to shut down the app store? Wow, what a hater. I had no idea.
    Not so much a hater, but as the post directly above mine demonstrates quite conclusively, it's more of a cult mentality. Clinging to the belief that a spectacular doomsday will come, even though it never actually happens. So a simple ruling for a stay on appeal that is commonplace in the US legal system becomes a reason to comment that Apple could be forced to shut down the App Store in the US, not for the reasons the cult believes it will, but rather for another reason (not enough time to implement a court order).

    If Apple loses any of the appeals, it will be given time to implement the changes. They won't have to be ready the day of the ruling. That's not how this works.