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  • Tim Cook casts doubt on new M2 MacBook Pros in 2022

    mattinoz said:
    macapfel said:
    I have been waiting for an M2 iMac - in particular I am curious for some potential design adjustments. Nothing in the rumours mill about that?
    Given the bump hasn't happened to M2 as yet I wonder the iMac and MacMini might move to the M1 Pro instead of the M2. 
    Arguably a better upgrade than the M2 anyway especially given both desktops can run free in terms of power draw and heat the way a laptop/tablet can't and the studio starts with the Max chip so the Pro missing from the Desktop top line up would seem a natural fit. 

    Have the M1 pro as a good and better options available in stores have the M2 Pro as built to order best option. Next year rolls down as M2 and  M3. 

    I would think with a redesign of the mIni internals they could even have the same mainboard for both the Mac mini and iMac24. with the socket of the iMac plugging into a round power supply under it based on the power supply from the Mac Studio. 
    Makes sense, but it doesn’t explain the delay in the iMac and the Mini. The only thing that explains the ongoing delay is they are waiting to introduce the M2 Pro as an option.
  • Tim Cook casts doubt on new M2 MacBook Pros in 2022

    sunman42 said:
    DAalseth said:
    I hadn’t thought about it but I think your analysis is likely spot on. 

    Wasn’t the Mini one of the very first Macs with Apple silicon? It’s definitely due. But then it is the bottom end machine and I was surprised when it got Apple silicon so early. Maybe they figure that it can go longer between updates because it is just the Mini. Whatever the reason, I’ve got new computer fever. I can wait till early next year, (and my bank account would be happier if I did), but I was hoping not to have to. 
    The delay in introducing an up-speced Intel mini between 2014 and 2018 certainly made it appear that the mini was the poor stepchild in Cupertino.
    It did, however, get a shout-out from the CEO in October 2017: "I'm glad you love the Mac mini. We love it too. Our customers have found so many creative and interesting uses for the Mac mini. While it is not time to share any details, we do plan for Mac mini to be an important part of our product line going forward."

    The Mini, let's not forget, wasn't "one of the first" Macs with Apple Silicon, it was the first, in the form of the "Developer Transition Kit" = an A12Z SoC with 16 GB RAM inside a Space Grey Mac mini. The M1 Mini has carried on in that role, I think, as a low-cost way to test Apple Silicon. I got one early on and hooked it up to an old Thunderbolt Display, but that's been replaced now with a Studio Display in a configuration that is pretty much the 27" M1 iMac:

  • Tim Cook casts doubt on new M2 MacBook Pros in 2022

    IMHO, mostly what this means is that the lag between the Mx SoC and Mx Pro/Max+ SoCs is real. As the article points out, it was 11 months between the M1 and the M1 Pro/Max, and we know it was 6 months more for the M1 Ultra. 

    We got M2 in June 2022 and let’s say we get the M2 Pro/Max around March 2023. That’s 9 months between them, more or less, not wildly different from the M1 split. Then let’s say we get the M2 Ultra/Extreme SoCs at WWDC in June 2023 at the 12 month point. So you get a running cycle, with a year between the initial Mx SoC launch and the Mac Studio/Pro SoCs.

    Apple can launch a new cycle when it likes, but once it’s underway, it’s always this year-long progression from the base Mx to the Extreme.

    M3 October 2023
    M3 Pro/Max June 2024
    M3 Ultra/Extreme October 2024

    M4 June 2025
    M4 Pro/Max March 2026
    M4 Ultra/Extreme June 2026

    This lines up neatly with the rumors early on that Apple Silicon would be on an 18-month cycle.
  • New 16-inch iPad rumored to arrive in late 2023

    iPad Studio?

    Even the larger iPad Pro is too small to really function well as a digital-pen design and drawing device. You spend too much time zooming in and out. If Wacom’s lineup is any indication, 16" is the bare minimum. It would also need a good stand that allows for easy height and angle adjustments, also rotation. 
  • Apple Store goes down ahead of expected iPad launch

    mSak said:
    I’m at the Apple store right now and it’s still up, and I live in the northeast.

    Are you sure you’re not surrounded by falling bricks? Check again. Maybe you got a concussion and don’t know it.


    No smart ass I’m talking about the Apple Store online. It’s still up and running get a clue. Perhaps, the author of this post is full of shit like you. 
    I’m not the person you’re responding to, but it was just a lame joke. Not a great start for you. Plus, you’re wrong, as others have pointed out. It wasn’t and still isn’t “up and running” — the Apple web site was/is up, but the actual store that you enter when you hit “buy” was/is down. 
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