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  • Apple launched its revolutionary OS X 20 years ago

    Interesting that you suggest that Amelio intended Rhapsody to be what would become the Carbon API (“... an OS that would run classic Mac apps within NeXTSTEP”). I had not heard the acquisition explained that way, but it makes sense.

    Mac OS X Server was, literally, Rhapsody. So that’s what became of it, as Jobs took over and implemented the dual Carbon and Cocoa API approach to the transition from Mac OS “Classic” to Mac OS X.

    Another important and under-appreciated aspect of the timing of transition was the shift to the Unicode standard. Cocoa was Unicode-based, clean and efficient.
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  • California siblings plead guilty to stealing 800 MacBooks worth $2.3 million

    Just to be clear, there is only one “private university in Stanford” — Stanford University. I guess there are legal reasons why the university isn’t named. According to a Wikipedia, much of the university isn’t, technically, in Palo Alto — it’s in an unincorporated area, designated “Stanford.”
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  • Apple made Photoshop transition to M1 a 'smooth experience,' Adobe says

    rob53 said:
    sevenfeet said:
    I’m old enough to remember Photoshop 1.0 on the 68000 Macs. Architecture transitions predate PowerPC-Intel.
    So am I and I bet most of the code hasn’t changed significantly which is why Adobe has had issues. They also turned to Windows relegating Mac development to the back burner. I would like to know if Adobe actually rewrote the software to make use of Apple’s Core technologies like Pixelmator and others have done to achieve all the speed and ML capabilities Apple offers.  
    I think that happened for Lightroom (as opposed to Lightroom Classic), which is why it migrated to Apple Silicon basically overnight.

    Photoshop/Illustrator date back to early Macintosh. Both have continuous histories on macOS, with no forks that I’m aware of, the closest thing being the Creative Suite and OS X transitions.

    I wouldn’t be surprised to see that change now, with the same approach they used for Lightroom. There will be a Photoshop Classic, while they launch a new Photoshop based on the iPadOS app. Same for Illustrator, which also has an iPadOS app.
  • Sen. Amy Klobuchar plans to hold antitrust subcommittee hearings on App Store

    The thing about Klobuchar is she is entirely on the record with regard to these issues — I wonder, who here has actually read her bill? 

    Keeping in mind that proposed bills are starting points, and the hearings she’s going to hold are part of that process. Gathering information to make effective laws. Pretty much the opposite of what the first poster said about her, while the second said she is corrupt without providing a scintilla of evidence. 

    I’ll admit that I have not read it, but I’m going to go read it now. 

  • Sen. Amy Klobuchar plans to hold antitrust subcommittee hearings on App Store

    Misogyny aside, this is her job, and there is no question the government needs to look at these issues and take positions. The App Store bullshit is minor in the overall picture. Whatever oversight or regulation that gets enacted in that respect will not pose any serious issues for Apple. 

    No, social platforms like Facebook will be front and center here. Things like the Instagram acquisition and other kinds of anti-competitive practices need to be looked at. Not to mention privacy and security aspects. The idea we should all sit around with our thumbs up our asses while we let people like Mark Zuckerberg do whatever they like is not going to fly.