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  • Siri Shortcuts, Screen Time tipped to transfer to macOS 10.15

    asdasd said:
    Siri shortcuts needs to be replaced on iOS and the Mac with proper 3rd party systems. 
    Unfortunately I suspect it's far more likely that Automator and shell scripting will replaced by Siri Shortcuts on macOS instead.
  • iMac Pro cost blows away similar Lenovo workstation, DIY builders struggle to meet price w...

    Yeah and 2 years down the line I will need to drop another $5000 to be able to get the iMac to match anything current, whereas with my Lenovo, or my custom build, I will spend a few hundred dollars to update it to the latest, and be well ahead of what the iMac does.

    Also, this device is coming in December! That's a lifetime in PCs. Let's compare prices when it arrives.

    Finally, let's actually wait for iMac Pro benchmarks, because I suspect the inevitable throttling is not gonna make all those CPUs look so good.

    IOW, I will be impressed if Apple releases similar pricing on the Mac Pro.
    williamlondonavon b7
  • Samsung Galaxy S8 fires first salvo against Apple's 'iPhone 8' with 'Infinity' display, AR...

    jkichline said:
    I still don't understand the appeal of bezel-less displays.  Your fingers are going to constantly be blocking the view of the content and possibly touching the screen.  Cases have nothing to attach to and the camera/sensors up top looked crammed in a way that is not esthetically pleasing.  In all.. I'd say this is pretty "meh".
    Just like I'm sure you never understood the appeals of phones that were larger than 3.5" until the iPhone 5, or the appeal of phones larger than 4" until the iPhone 6.
    avon b7
  • Apple, Maine Department of Education working to swap 'toy' iPads for MacBooks

    williamh said:
    The iPad is just a tool.  It's not Apple's fault if the Maine schools didn't have a plan for their effective use.  Shouldn't they iPads have been secured sufficiently to prevent students from installing games?

    Say, I've got a hammer to return to the hardware store because it doesn't serve any function in my home.  Obviously it's a faulty hammer.
    The problem is that Apple has been selling you the hammer while telling you it also functions as a screwdriver and a ladder if you use it just right.
    JongAm Parkgatorguymazda 3selijahg
  • Apple again rumored to drop 3.5mm headphone jack from 'iPhone 7' for Lightning, Bluetooth

    cnocbui said:
    This Apple-obsession with thinness is getting asinine
    It has absolutely nothing to do with thinness and everything to do with just making more money.

    The Vivo X5 Max is 4.75mm thick and still has a 3.5mm headphone jack. The 6S is 7.1mm thick. The internal space argument is as much hogwash as the need for nano sims vs micro sims, something which was quite apparent when I opened my daughters 5 to install a new battery.

    No, this is about money. 50 million Lightning to 3.5mm adapters at $30 each with an 80% markup - ka-ching! 50 million beats headphones with lossy bluetooth and an 80% markup - ka-Ching. license fees from 200 million third party lightning chip sporting headphones and earbuds - ka-ching.

    Meanwhile the Samsung S7 will reportedly include the best portable device DAC ever made with 129dB dynamic range and -120dB (0.0001%) harmonic distortion.
    Not having to pay for a decent DAC in 80 million phones - ka-ching!
    This is the only explanation that makes sense. It also places the Beats acquisition in new light. Apple probably new several years ago that they were gonna drop the 3.5mm headphones jack for wireless headphones, which would lead to mass purchases of new headphones, so they figured they'd pick up Beats for cheap and corner that market they will be creating.