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  • FTC concludes manufacturer repair restrictions harm consumers

    glennh said:
    This sounds like the government is getting into the business of telling manufacturers how to design their products so that others can make a living repairing them. So much for innovations and trade secrets! 

    "Governments" have been doing this for decades, with cars, for instance.

    Don't like governments telling manufacturers anything? Next time your device stops working under warranty, make sure you pay the manufacturer full price, because the only reason the warrant exists is thanks to the government. Next time you want to return something, don't, because returns exist because of government regulations (for example, it's very difficult to impossible to return, or repair under warranty, products in a country like India, where the government does not require these things).

    You know that you can be an Apple fan without accepting everything they do as gospel, right?

  • Apple plans thinner, high-end MacBook Air

    Jony Ive is gone...for good.  Enough of the obsession on thin.  What does a thinner MacBook translate to?  It means less battery life and a lousy keyboard.  Two things no one wants.

    The Macbook Air, as the name suggests, is designed to be an extremely thin and light laptop. The original introduction literally advertised the fact that it could fit in a paper envelope. It was severely underpowered relative to other macs at the time.

    But that's ok, because unlike many other Apple products, Macs have product lines. You have Macbook Pros which can focus on providing the most powerful and extensible portable mac with lightness and thinness being secondary concerns, Macbooks which are a sensible compromise that will appeal to the broadest base, and Macbook Airs which prioritize weight and size, and is willing to compromise some performance in order to excel there.
  • Siri Shortcuts, Screen Time tipped to transfer to macOS 10.15

    asdasd said:
    Siri shortcuts needs to be replaced on iOS and the Mac with proper 3rd party systems. 
    Unfortunately I suspect it's far more likely that Automator and shell scripting will replaced by Siri Shortcuts on macOS instead.
  • iMac Pro cost blows away similar Lenovo workstation, DIY builders struggle to meet price w...

    Yeah and 2 years down the line I will need to drop another $5000 to be able to get the iMac to match anything current, whereas with my Lenovo, or my custom build, I will spend a few hundred dollars to update it to the latest, and be well ahead of what the iMac does.

    Also, this device is coming in December! That's a lifetime in PCs. Let's compare prices when it arrives.

    Finally, let's actually wait for iMac Pro benchmarks, because I suspect the inevitable throttling is not gonna make all those CPUs look so good.

    IOW, I will be impressed if Apple releases similar pricing on the Mac Pro.
    williamlondonavon b7
  • Samsung Galaxy S8 fires first salvo against Apple's 'iPhone 8' with 'Infinity' display, AR...

    jkichline said:
    I still don't understand the appeal of bezel-less displays.  Your fingers are going to constantly be blocking the view of the content and possibly touching the screen.  Cases have nothing to attach to and the camera/sensors up top looked crammed in a way that is not esthetically pleasing.  In all.. I'd say this is pretty "meh".
    Just like I'm sure you never understood the appeals of phones that were larger than 3.5" until the iPhone 5, or the appeal of phones larger than 4" until the iPhone 6.
    avon b7