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  • China tells Apple to beef up its data security practices

    Reading between the lines...

    They meant Apple should upgrade its security so that "special access" could be provided to those who are going to ask for^H^H^H^H^H^H^Hdemand it.
  • Floppy drive signed by Steve Jobs expected to fetch $7,500 at auction

    damacguy said:
    That's a floppy DISK. A floppy DRIVE is what you put a DISK in. Kids today. ;-)
    And the writers here call themselves 'journalists'.

    Perhaps they're confused because they don't DRIVE into work any more but use DISKs to work from home? (ps :-) ).
  • Teardown of 16-inch MacBook Pro reveals tough-to-repair construction

    "Step Backwards"? Apple have been using push-plugs rather than screws to fasten the keyboards to the top of the bottom case for years. Usually I pull out the old, faulty keyboard, discard it, and replace it with a new keyboard, attached with tiny screws (80 of them). Pulling the old keyboard out (with most of the plugs) destroys it. New keyboards are roughly $40 (including screws). The scissors keyboard should be more repairable than butterfly version. Key caps are removable on the "scissors" and dirt should be more easily cleaned out (if that is still a problem). I'm more concerned with other issues. How well is the heat removed when the CPU is used intensively. How well will the Mac work in the summer without air conditioning. Does leaving the Mac plugged in to a power-supplying dock or a monitor that provides power reduce the lifetime of the internal battery (I've had 2 batteries become pillows in two years because the connected external monitor provides charging 24/7 through its data connection). Must buy more popcorn!
  • Apple's wireless Tile-like tracking technology exposed in iOS 13 build

    Apple limited “Find iPhone’s” real-time tracking functionality some time ago. The “refresh” icon when a device has been located seems to do nothing now. Several minutes can pass before position is updated (if at all). The only way I’ve been able to prompt a current-location fetch is by force quitting “Find iPhone” and restarting it. Anyone else notice this?
  • Why that 40% performance hit for full 'ZombieLoad' mitigations probably won't affect you

    lkrupp said:
    So now we start to hear demands to move to A series on the Mac. Screw Intel! Well, A-based Macs will almost certainly kill Boot Camp. How much work and expense will be required by developers to recompile their code to work on Arm architecture? Will Apple be able to come up with a Rosetta style solution so all those Intel based, 64 bit apps will run on an ARM Mac? So many unanswered questions that need answers before dumping Intel.
    The real progress here will be for Microsoft to release Windows 10 on ARM together with Apple switching from Intel to ARM. Short circuit Intel’s strangle hold on progress and both Microsoft and Apple will romp off into the distance. BootCamp etc. No problem!