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  • Patreon doesn't pay Apple's 30% App Store commission, and its CEO isn't sure why not

    sflocal said:
    The only think I got from this article is that the CEO is ignorant and lazy.  Jeez, at least he could have summoned the head of mobile development at Patreon before the interview and ask the person how it works.

    I just lost a huge amount of respect/care for Patreon.  Boot this CEO out and get someone that knows about tech.
    Jack is neither ignorant nor lazy. I strongly suggest you read the Verge interview that AI is paraphrasing here. While the summary here on AI is solely about App Store policy,  it was maybe 5% of the actual interview The Verge had with Jack. Also, The Verge called Jack out point blank on that "I don't know" response:

    "This sounds like something you should definitely know. Isn’t this a long-term risk to Patreon? That Apple will listen to this and wake up and give you a call and say, “Time to pay the fee.”

    That is the question directly following the quote where Jack doesn't really know why they don't pay it and the resulting convo goes into a far deeper explanation of why they likely aren't afoul of the rules (and wouldn't really care of Apple does start making them pay the fee).

    If you read the full interview and still think Jack is ignorant or lazy ... well, I'm all out of crayons, sorry.
  • How Apple Silicon on a M1 Mac changes monitor support and what you can connect

    Damnit Damnit Damnit. I have been waiting for these M1 computers since the transition was announced, money set aside and everything, but as I also invested in dual LG Thunderbolt 4K displays (which are bomb I may add), there is no way I'm buying another non-matching display just to use the Mac mini.

    Seriously, seriously disappointed. Apple absolutely dropped the ball here; there is literally no excuse to not support dual 4K over TB3. It was already frustrating that they dropped form 4 TB3 ports to 2 (I have zero use for USB-A now having already fully converted over due to the 13" MBP).

    Seriously Apple, WTF!?!?
  • Compared: New Apple Silicon Mac mini versus Intel Mac Mini

    One thing not addressed yet is display connectivity. The M1 Mac mini says that is supports up to a 6K/60 display over TB, and a 4K/60 over HDMI. However, as someone with a pair of 4K TB monitors, I can't use the HDMI port and would have to use the TB ports. In the past, the 6K/60 limitation was due to bandwidth limitations of TB3, but if these are TB4, and the GPU so upgraded, then I'm hoping that it will support dual TB 4K displays, otherwise I can't use any oft he M1 devices (both laptops only support a single external display).

    In fact, this article should probably be updated to note that the external display support has gone down a little, especially when comparing the laptops (my 2019 MBP supports dual 4K/60 and the built in display all at once).
  • Apple pressures email app 'Hey' to integrate in-app purchase option [u]

    jgreg728 said:
    Apple has the right to enforce their policies. Tbh they should double down with the likes of Netflix to set that precedent.

    What IS wrong about the whole thing is that iOS doesn't give the option to load apps from anywhere other than the App Store. That's what needs to change.
    No. No No No. No! The locked down nature of iOS is paramount to its security and appeal. If I want to have the wild, wild west of app loading I’d use Android. I don’t. Stop trying to make iOS like Android. Having such a tightly integrated platform is what makes Apple’s ecosystem work so well. It’s why I switched form Windows a decade ago, and its why I choose to use iOS and why I chose to primarily develop for iOS and macOS. This insane idea that they need to break that to let shitty apps made by devs who just want an easy way in or to bypass a cost of business that has been around for 10 years is not the correct path forward.

    As for Hey specifically, from reading the Verge article about what they are doing With the app, I actually do think Apple is in the wrong here and it should be considered a Reader style app. The subscription isn’t specific to iOS and they aren’t advertising it in iOS, so it is exactly the same as Netflix. It appears to be a new email address as well, so it is even more like a reader app.