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  • iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, and iPhone 11 Pro Max preorders have started

    I pre qualified and got is about 5:06 -- Sept 27 delivery :(

  • Editorial: Apple's move to ARM is possible because most users want power more than compati...

    nht said:

    As I understand it, Java runs most of the servers world-wide...  If Java is such a target of malware, how do these servers protect themselves from getting and passing on viruses?
    It, likely, is Java that exposed my Mac to malware.  I had a very old version of Java installed on this Mac but updated to version 8 to run UGSPlatform -- an open source Java app:  https://github.com/winder/Universal-G-Code-Sender.   I first installed this on the Mac so I could control the UNC natively, while designing under Virtual Windows 10.  I am having trouble with it it on the Mac, so I installed it and am currently running it under virtual Windows 10.  I did not install any anti-virus software on the Windows 10 and am not aware of any Windows viruses.  I don't use Windows for mail -- only CNC stuff with an occasional use of Edge for CNC-related downloads and Help.

    The most active virus is apparently not detected:  About 50% of the time I follow a link to open a new Safari window, the linked window opens, then another window opens right on top of it.  The virus window usually contains ads for someone like Amazon:  

    Left: Original Window -- clicked on diamond ring.  Center: correct window target of link.  Right: Virus window -- opens over center (target) window -- moved aside to display all 3 windows.

    My Virus scanner detects viruses, mostly adware, as shown below -- I get rid of them, but they keep coming back.

    Those are likely ad server redirects and not java related.

    Java may still run most servers world-wide but node is probably more popular for newer sites and has a big fraction of the market share.  Java isn't any more insecure as a language than any other.  Java in the browser had a large attack surface since there was a lot of places for bugs...in the browser, in the VM, in the sandbox implementation, etc. 
    FWIW, I uninstalled Java 8 on the machine and the problem with the extra webpages no-longer happens
  • Editorial: Apple's move to ARM is possible because most users want power more than compati...

    larrya said:
    The question I have is, if you're kissing off 35% of your customers, where do the replacements come from?  I doubt you can grow the base back by adding a bunch of ported iOS apps.  I will probably be one of them because, although I stopped running Parallels a long time ago, I need the option for work stuff.

    Interesting...... We have been a Windows-Free household for years, until recently:

    1. My daughter's new job requires proprietary Windows software
    2. Me - woodworking...

    I have a woodworking hobby and native Mac apps like SketchUp or Mac/Java apps met my needs... Then I bought a woodworking CNC machine!  

    My long-term goal was to eventually run both CAD and CAM on an iPad Pro* -- It seemed like a natural to use the Apple Pencil for the CAD (Computer-Aided Design) and the iPad certainly had the horsepower to run the CAM  (Computer-Aided Manufacturing) -- which is reading a text file (gcode) program and issue simple X,Y,Z axis commands to control the CNC machine (similar to Turtle Graphics).   There are gcode interpreters for the Raspberry Pi.

    To promote my long-term goal, I attempted to run entirely on the Mac.  The CAM was easy, as the major software was a Java app available for Mac and Windows.   The best Mac CAD app is Autodesk Fusion 360 -- but it has a very, very steep learning curve.  There are a few others and some on-line apps, but they are limited.

    Long story, shorter:   The CAD scene is dominated by Vectric apps: VCarve and Aspire.  These are Windows only!

    So, I bit the bullet and bought:

    1. VMWare Fusuion Emulator
    2. VCarve Desktop CAD app
    3. TotalAV Mac Virus Scanner

    Yes, sadly, after a few days my Mac had been infected by viruses...

    So, there it is:  If you want to do CAM, you need to do Windows (and all that comes with it)...

    Disruption anyone?
  • Former Apple event venue Flint Center is closing

    Sigh, very sad!  The acoustics were great.  My wife and I attended several concerts there...  A warm summer afternoon listening to the great guitarist Andrés Segovia
     from the balcony felt like we were sitting next to him...  Also, attended the Mac announcement and several other Apple events.

  • Apple's FoundationDB takes new Record Layer open source, confirms tech underpins CloudKit

    By Codd, this is MegaBig...

    From the Wait Paper:

    The Record Layer is used by multiple systems at Apple. We demonstrate the power of the Record Layer at scale by de- scribing how CloudKit, Apple’s cloud backend service, uses it to provide strongly-consistent data storage for a large and diverse set of applications [43]. Using the Record Layer’s abstractions, CloudKit offers multi-tenancy at the extreme by maintaining independent record stores for each user of each application. As a result, we use the Record Layer on FoundationDB to host billions of independent databases shar- ing thousands of schemas. In the future, we envision that the Record Layer will be combined with other storage mod- els, such as queues and graphs, leveraging FoundationDB as a general purpose storage engine and remaining transac- tionally consistent across all these models. In summary, this work makes the following contributions:

    • An open source layer on top of FoundationDB with se- mantics akin to those of a relational database.

    • The record store abstraction and a suite of techniques to manipulate it, enabling billions of logical tenants to operate independent databases in a FoundationDB cluster.

    • A highly extensible architecture, clients can customize core features including schema management and indexing.

    • A lightweight design that provides rich features on top of

      the underlying key-value store.