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  • Tips: Five different ways how to find your hidden files on macOS

    Sorry Greg for posting the same thing. I was too quick to reply before reading all the posts.
    greg uvan said:
    First, the ~ in the path doesn't specify "this Mac" it specifies the current user's home folder, wherever that may be. 

    But, there is a much easier way to get to the library. Click the Go menu in the finder, press Option, the Library appears in the list, click it.

    By the way, the Command-Shift-Period shortcut is an excellent tip. 
  • Class action claims all Apple Watches are defective

    Happened to my series 0 after I moved to the Philippines; a very hot and humid environment.  The battery swelled and popped the screen off.  It was one of the very first manufactured, received on that day back when everyone was going unboxing videos.  Was that April 24, 2015?  Seem to recall that as the date.  I drive a series 2 Nike Edition now.  Love it.  Nothing lasts forever. 
    I too have the Series 2 Nike with the black/volt band and love it. Only some scratches which is just normal wear and tear. I've bought two more bands to go with it since. One the Milanese band and another with a buckle.
  • Apple Watch one of the first post-Steve Jobs products at Apple, says Jony Ive

      radarthekat said:
    dougd said:
    Stands to reason.  Hard to believe Jobs would approve of this joke of a product
    At some point in the future people won’t carry a wallet or keys.  What product would you suggest incorporate those capabilities?  Today people swipe a fob or keycard to gain access to their workplace.  Are you suggesting we take out our phones to swipe instead, or would it be more natural and convenient to swipe a watch past the reader?  Same for paying for things, as we already see.  The Watch will take on many such convenience tasks.  Even when streaming music from my iPhone through wired earbuds while on a plane or public transport, I find it super convenient to leave the phone in my lap or pocket while using the watch to pause or reduce volume when a travel companion wants to say something or have a short verbal exchange.  Beats frequently pulling an earbud out.  Adjusting lights, temperature, accessing a hotel room while toting bags, checking the weather forecast, etc.  Many tasks are more convenient with a wrist-worn computer.  Even checking the time.

    I bought the Apple Watch Series 2 Nike Black/Volt and love it. It's now a year old and I have 3 bands to use with it. I bought it mainly to use to answer the phone without taking the iPhone out of my pocket when it's winter time. I sure found out I use it for a lot more things than just that. The only Apple product I love more is my fully loaded 27" late 2014 5K iMac and I do have lots of Apple products to choose from. B)
  • New Apple 'Switch to iPhone' ads promote support & environmental footprint

    I have an iPhone 6. It works perfectly well, but since the removal of the headphone socket, and now the fingerprint recognition. I'm out. About the only iPhone I'll upgrade to would be a 6s. The new Galaxy S9, is looking promising too, even though I hate Android.
    And all we'll have to remember you by are your two posts. :(

    Two posts too many. LOL
    king editor the gratewatto_cobra
  • New Apple 'Switch to iPhone' ads promote support & environmental footprint

    avon b7 said:
    On the environmental side, years ago (and I mean many years ago) I read that Apple dumped a lot of Macs in the desert.

    Was that some kind of urban legend or was it true? If true, did they ever go and dig them out. That would be a nice story to tell if it were true.

    Actively targeting Android users makes a lot of sense given how sales have stalled.

    You're thinking about Atari.