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  • Parallels Desktop 17 brings Windows 11 to Mac with enhanced M1 support

    The article needs a correction! All users are NOT by subscription. The standard version IS not.

  • Apple channels Disney's 'The Little Mermaid' to sell iPad-based freedom

    BobVB3 said:
    Well the ad is stealth 'truthful' - you can only use an iPad outside like that if it is overcast - in bright sunlight they are unusable.
    Bright sunlight? Wise guy, eh?
  • Apple channels Disney's 'The Little Mermaid' to sell iPad-based freedom

    dewme said:
    fred1 said:
    I’ve been looking into using my iPad Pro instead of a desktop or laptop and I’ve run into one basic problem: what about apps that only run on MacOS and not iPadOS?
    Computers purchases should always START with requirements based on the software that you need to run on the computer. If the iPad doesn’t run an app that you need to run, but a Mac does … that’s a very easy decision - buy the Mac.

    The choice between buying an iPad or buying a Mac only comes into play when the software you need runs on both platforms. That’s when the pros and cons of each platform can be weighed. But the decision process should always start with the software, not the hardware. Hardware without software is just an expensive lap warmer. 

    Frankly, I don’t understand the consternation that some folks are having about iPad (Pro) vs Mac. If you’re buying an iPad in hopes of the software that you need to run will eventually come to the iPad, perhaps because the latest iPad Pro has the same SoC as the latest MacBooks, you are setting yourself up for disappointment and have nobody to blame other than yourself. You can complain all you want that Apple hasn’t lived up to your hopes and dreams, but until Apple commits to delivering something and announces it, your complaints are not going to get you anywhere, at least not any time soon. Maybe 3-5 years from now Apple will get around to what you wish they would deliver today.

    I said it before and I’ll say it again - buying any computer, including and iPad (Pro), should always start with the software. Depending on your needs you may not even have a choice, e.g., certain games, high end sw dev platforms, legacy apps, etc. The only reason I still have a full-up Windows machine is because I have to run certain very specific legacy apps that are not available on macOS or Linux, or do not run adequately on VMs. Speaking of VMs, as much as I’d love to have an M1 Mac for all of my needs, the fact that M1 is not supported by VMWare Fusion makes it a non starter as a do-it-all machine. I’m not going to buy an M1 Mac and sit around hoping for full Intel VM compatibility or complain about it not being there. I can either stick with an Intel Mac or buy a Windows machine. I’ve chosen the latter.

    When buying a new machine your hopes, dreams, and potentialities are quaint, but when it comes to laying down the cold hard cash - it always starts with the software

    This isn’t just a knock on buyers either, because a lot of the “appeal” that Apple is selling in their ads like the one above is based on the iPad’s hardware, form factor, and touch virtues, not really the software. So Apple is doing its part to get potential buyers all geeked up about escaping the clap trap of traditional desktop computers without telling you that some of the apps you really depend on aren’t available on the iPad. Apple is selling a vision and potentialities that they cannot deliver, not without the software to make it real. So as a buyer you have to look beyond the hype and determine for yourself whether an iPad fills your needs.
    Check out Parallel Desktop. It supports the M1 chip.
  • Apple announces Apple Silicon Mac special event for November 10

    Oh boy just like the original iMac...coloured Macs. I'll Take a Bondi Blue for now and then later a Tangerine iMac.  ;)
  • Apple about to release seven iPads, eight 'Apple Watch Series 6' models

    Apple watch "Sport" edition perhaps. Or maybe just regular apple watch and "pro".
    I think they call it the Nike Edition.  :D I have had the Nike Apple Watch Series2 and now own the Series4. Maybe Nike Apple Watch Series6 next?