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  • Apple Watch Series 5 teardown reveals bigger battery

    Apple publishes a product information sheet which details the battery capacities for the various watch models.

    Some notable points:
    • Apple used the same battery in both sizes of the 1st gen (Series 0) and Series 1 watches.
    • The 40mm Series 5 watch has 10% more battery capacity than the 40mm Series 4 model, compared to less than a 1% YoY increase for the 44mm model. In fact, the Series 5 changes take the 40mm model from the smallest battery in the lineup to one with 2% more capacity than even the larger 1st gen (Series 0) and Series 1 models.
    • Series 3 models have the largest battery capacity for their respective sizes (but are also the thickest).

    Larger size
    Apple Watch Series 5 44mm—1.13 Wh rating
    Apple Watch Series 4 44mm—1.12 Wh rating
    Apple Watch Series 3 42mm—1.34 Wh rating
    Apple Watch Series 2 42mm—1.27 Wh rating
    Apple Watch Series 1 42mm—0.93 Wh rating
    Apple Watch 1st gen (Series 0) 42mm—0.93 Wh rating

    Smaller size
    Apple Watch Series 5 40mm—0.95 Wh rating
    Apple Watch Series 4 40mm—0.86 Wh rating
    Apple Watch Series 3 38mm—1.07 Wh rating
    Apple Watch Series 2 38mm—1.03 Wh rating
    Apple Watch Series 1 38mm—0.93 Wh rating
    Apple Watch 1st gen (Series 0) 38mm—0.93 Wh rating

    TL;DR Series 5 is a big battery upgrade for 40mm watch users but 44mm watch users may notice similar (or less) battery life due to combination of the always-on display, lower power display hardware and minimal battery changes.
  • Netflix drops AirPlay support citing unnamed 'technical limitations'

    My take on this is that their financial model charges more for concurrent streaming to multiple devices. As iOS 13 will allow multiple instances of the same app to be open on iPad you could theoretically airplay one video to a TV while watching a second video on the iPad using picture-in-picture mode.
  • Apple unveils all new 13-inch MacBook Air with Retina display, Thunderbolt 3 and more

    $1199 Ouch. So what’s the point of the retina MacBook now? No mention of it on stage yet so I assume it’s just getting a spec bump unless Apple is killing it?
    The retina MacBook (US$1299) is only more expensive because pricing starts with a 256GB SSD, whereas the MacBook Air (US$1199) pricing starts with a 128GB SSD.

    Apple could have easily offered a 128GB retina MacBook at the (US$1199). I think Apple intentionally withheld a 128GB MacBook so the 13.3 inch retina Air could launch at the lowest price point, fulfilling the 'Air' promise.

    In reality the 13.3 inch retina Air is being strategically massaged into a non-entry-level price bracket.

    The legacy Air ($999) received no update marking it as end-of-life. When that goes what is being called the new Air will functionally be a 13 inch retina MacBook. The 12 inch MacBook model has a smaller display, slower processor, fewer ports, and no Touch ID. A price drop is the only thing holding it back from being the entry-level laptop.