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  • Editorial: Apple's waiting game on foldable iPhones is no surprise

    It’s amusing to me that just because a few companies have released folding phones that everyone expects Apple to rush out and be a part of this too. Apple has patents for folding phones dating back quit a ways. They obviously have been working on this in the lab for quite some time and it’s probably very obvious to them that the tech hasn’t caught up with their ideas of how a folding phone should be and/or that it can’t be quickly mass produced in the millions. 

    Honestly by looking at the folding phones that have been demoed so far, it has obviously been a rush to be first and little thought has been put into the software or hardware for that matter. Both are clunky and look very fragile. Just the aspect ratios alone when folded out to tablet modes make me cringe. There is so little thought of the user experience that if Apple releases something they are probably going to steamroll everyone because that is one thing they get right for the most part. The user experience. 
  • Apple's 'modular' Mac Pro design may mean units that connect like Lego bricks

    Good grief, if I am unable to use industry standard graphics cards and RAM modules and instead they are incased in consumer hostile closed modules it will be time to just build an amazing Windows tower for my heavy lifting and a Mac Mini for all of my personal day to day stuff. I would hate to have to do that, and hope this is BS, but this is getting ridiculous. I really just want a current cheese grater. 
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  • The most futuristic products from the 2019 CES, and the old TV shows that may have inspire...

    I sure would hate to hit some turbulence on that hover bike and end up in one or all of those propellers. Yikes!
  • YouTuber admits aspects of viral HomePod glitter bomb video were faked

    It’s funny how some people can get so bent out of shape about something that really, doesn’t affect their day to day life whatsoever, like a silly YouTube video. Hilarious!  :D
  • Jony Ive discusses 'fragile' ideas leading to design of iPhone, App Store

    Wow.  Every single comment is about his appearance.  What shallow people we are.

    Instead I want to whine about Apple's "fragile" stock price over the past few weeks and days.  Also not related to the article, but at least I'm not fat shaming.
    For someone in charge of the look and feel of hardware and software at Apple it seems a bit odd to me that he chose those glasses.