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  • Mac Pro demonstrates 'masterclass in repairability' in teardown

    lkrupp said:
    and the big question in my mind, is the CPU replaceable, or does the motherboard firmware tie it to a specific clock rate etc?
    That question is answered in the hands on review on AI in the comments. The answer is yes. Keep in mind, though, the market this machine is targeted at doesn’t swap out CPUs or much else either. Same goes for RAM. They buy this machine configured the way they want for the task at hand. A movie studio doesn’t have time to fiddle with the hardware. Neither does a number crunching lab. Stop thinking of this machine as a consumer, tinkerer, “prosumer” machine that enthusiasts platywith. It’s not anything of the sort. 
    Wow, kinda of a jerk answer. I would love to know about this as well regardless or your propensity to deride a question with telling others how they should think. 
  • Editorial: Apple's waiting game on foldable iPhones is no surprise

    It’s amusing to me that just because a few companies have released folding phones that everyone expects Apple to rush out and be a part of this too. Apple has patents for folding phones dating back quit a ways. They obviously have been working on this in the lab for quite some time and it’s probably very obvious to them that the tech hasn’t caught up with their ideas of how a folding phone should be and/or that it can’t be quickly mass produced in the millions. 

    Honestly by looking at the folding phones that have been demoed so far, it has obviously been a rush to be first and little thought has been put into the software or hardware for that matter. Both are clunky and look very fragile. Just the aspect ratios alone when folded out to tablet modes make me cringe. There is so little thought of the user experience that if Apple releases something they are probably going to steamroll everyone because that is one thing they get right for the most part. The user experience. 
  • Leaked screens show Siri in Apple's upcoming OS X 10.12 with always-on 'Hey Siri'

    Anymore on my phone, I rarely type out texts and just use Siri. Sometimes I need to edit a bit afterwards, but it's way better than typing the entire text out. I'm hoping I can do that with messages on my Mac.

    I'm hoping to see Siri integration in Spotlight. I would love to be able to find files, open documents, apps, hell, even being able to open/close pre-setup spaces (graphic design, web design, coding, video, etc..). Changing settings would be great too.

    I'm wondering if you would need a special Apple-branded microphone with a Mac Pro. I have microphones but they're all crappy mikes that came with gaming headphones.

    cornchipration al
  • Apple working on ways to use an iPad as a display for the Mac

    "Sidecar," which lets you extend your Mac's desktop to a second monitor."
    How does this differ from the way MacOS already extends your desktop with multiple monitors?
    The full sentence you quoted in your question is "codenamed 'Sidecar,' which lets you extend your Mac's desktop to a second monitor or even iPad"

    Obviously, that iPad part is new, and how it's different than now is spelled out in the article.

    I read the article but failed to see what’s different when using multiple monitors. I get that the iPad used as a monitor is new. As it is now, MacOS already extends your desktop and windows can be dragged back and forth between them. Unless we are talking about these multiple monitors essentially acting as one where if I make an app full screen it takes up both monitors instead of one. Just curious how this could affect my multi-monitor setup differently than what I have now.