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  • Apple's macOS Catalina causing problems with select eGPU setups

    dysamoria said:
    I’ve been wondering about the added complexity of putting the GPU externally to the machine, and wondering if an eGPU could be the workaround for the pathetic thermals of these tiny Apple computers and the desire to do gaming on them (obviously with Windows)...

    ... and indeed, it all seems like a PITA. It seems that these little boxes are still not the right choice for heavy GPU usage. If you want a full-size computer from Apple, you now get to fork over twice the cost of the already too expensive 2013 Mac Pro. What’s that? If we can’t afford a workhorse Apple computer, that computer isn’t for us? Fine. Show me another Mac that is appropriate. Needs an eGPU... which is currently hackish and unreliable, because Apple seem not to be testing OS features before releasing their latest OS to the public... again.

    This is progress at Apple? If they’re going to go this route (using an eGPU add-on as a justification for their anorexic machines being the only semi-affordable offerings), they really must get this eGPU stuff to be simple and reliable. It needs to just work.

    Apple has had a glaring disinterest in gaming, and now they want people to pay for a game subscription service. Wait. What? Is there anything in that subscription that even remotely compares to PC gaming? I assume not (?), but I haven’t looked (I have ZERO interest in subscription services). Heavy GPU gaming demands more than what Apple’s anorexic machines can offer, and these eGPUs don’t seem to be a simple solution. I can only assume the games on offer will never be up to par with the offerings on PC. Is that a sustainable model for a gaming subscription? 
    I think they are pushing iOS rather than MacOS for games.

  • Apple expands iPhone XS and XR trade-in program countries around the world

    The funny part is if Apple want buyers to upgrade they should have a program aiming at the owners of the 6 and 6S but they are not interested in them so I am not sure what is the point of this write up except to put more bad news into AAPL.
  • Nokia files suit against Apple in US, Germany over iPhone's alleged violation of 32 patents

    I don't understand why Apple doesn't buy these patent portfolios when they can. At a minimum it keeps Apple out of court. Beyond that it could give Apple something to build on (either through licensing or product development) or even a cudgel with which Apple could beat on other companies for a change. I don't advocate Apple patent trolling other companies; but if an Apple-owned patent can be used as leverage in a cross-licensing deal, why not?

    I'd be happy to see Apple drop a few (billion) bucks on patents just to keep itself out of headlines that further the myth that Apple doesn't innovate but only steals tech from others.
    These patents belonged to Nokia and I doubt they are for sale. And when they sold off their phone division to MS that didn't include their patents and now we know why i.e. they have every intention to be an NPE.