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  • Advocacy groups urge Biden to keep big tech out of the White House

    Technology has improved our lives in so many ways. Where would we be without smart phones, personal computers, iPads, the Internet, WiFi, Cellular technologies, etc. etc. etc.  

    On the other hand, ridding our country of these so-called advocacy groups would be plus. 

    Our government should partner with our big tech companies to promote American business, increase employment opportunities, etc. 

    Other countries seem to understand that aiding and abetting their own companies is in their best interests. Our Democrats appear not to get it.
  • Apple's Kaiann Drance promotes 5G speeds in iPhone 12 interview

    elijahg said:
    I still don't see the point in 5G. Seems very much like a marketing fad to push phone upgrades. 4G speeds are plenty fast enough for a phone, no one needs gigabit speeds to a phone.
    Depends on your usage and setup. For example, Apple has recently made it much easier to use your iPhone as a personal WiFi Hotspot. This means you can quickly and effortlessly get online with a computer, iPad, Apple watch, or other WiFi enabled device. 5G speeds are very helpful. This also means that it may not be nearly so important to pay the added cost to purchase cellular connectivity for all those other devices.
  • Epic Games wanted a special deal for 'Fortnite' on the App Store

    ITGUYINSD said:
    qwerty52 said:
    This new fact confirms what there is behind Epic’s shouting and crying about Apple’s monopoly and about absence of freedom in AppStore.
    Money, money and ones again money!
    There really wasn’t any question about it. If Epic could have shown they have been damaged by paying Apple 30%, then they might have a point in this lawsuit. What they have shown is that Apple made them a lot of money and took care of the hosting, billing and bookkeeping for Fortnite for 30% of billions. 

    Those poor bastards. 
    Hosting?  Apple doesn't host the game servers.  They host the server where a tiny app lives that Apple forces Epic customer to download from.  That's it.  Once downloaded, Apple's job is done.  Why should Apple get 30% for "billing and bookkeeping" when Epic is perfectly capable of doing that itself if not for the fact that Apple forces them to go through Apple and pay 30%?  I wonder how many bookkeepers in the companies of the world get 30% of the companies revenue (not profit, but gross revenue)?  I'd venture a guess of practically NONE.

    To be fair, Epic should charge $1.99 for the app, and Apple gets 30% of that.  Then, all the IAP's are through Epic payment systems since Apple has nothing to do with that.  
    That's like saying the pharmacy should only get paid for the initial prescription and thereafter the drug company should be able to sell refills directly to that customer cutting the pharmacy out of the loop entirely. As we say in Texas, "That dog won't hunt."
  • Epic Games wanted a special deal for 'Fortnite' on the App Store

    Would these Epic guys be the multi-millionaires they are today without Apple's App Store and Google Play? I don't think so!  Apparently they never heard the one about not biting the hand that feeds.
  • New York Times leaves Apple News over a lack of reader connection

    davesmall said:
    Good riddance! They only let you read the intro to an article before throwing up a toll gate.

    If you are foolish enough to pay then what you get is indoctrination into leftist views rather than objective news reporting. Bye, bye, NYT and please don't return. You won't be missed.

    Truth and facts are only "leftist" to somebody brain washed by the right wing propaganda outlets.
    But they are terrified that people WILL somehow leave the cacoon and learn the truth.   The truth is their enemy. 
    Oh my George, I'm afraid you've ingested the Kool-Aid.