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  • Apple's 'By Innovation Only' new iPhone event is on Sept. 10

    iteration innovation yes!  sept is my fav month come on Tim C!

  • Apple opposes logo for new German bike path, claiming too many similarities

    the bitten side is populated with words, letters. c'mon Tim. 

    The could alter the angle of the leaf a bite i mean a bit and that would solve that since it does seem to be almost identical to the apple logo. but c'mon TC
  • Apple says the iPhone is a valuable readiness aid in a world impacted by climate change

    normang said:
    Climate constantly changes, to think we can actually have any impact on significantly altering the climate is the height of arrogance. It's been warmer in the past than today and its been cooler, we know this..... but somehow altering a carbon footprint is going to save us? This is not to say that we should not try and be prudent in the use of resources, but the proposed changes all mandate government control of your life and all that will do is make things worse for people, not better.
    Nice cut and paste statement...Child's logic. 
  • If you wanted an iPhone SE new from Apple, you've probably missed your chance

    emig647 said:
    I agree with the backlash. Not only are they getting too big, they are getting too thin. It isn’t becoming too difficult to hold, it is too difficult to hold for me. Between the rounded edges and thinner design I don’t feel like I can hold it with confidence. 

    I’d much rather go back to an upgraded SE, maybe with an edge to edge screen and call it good. 

    Side note: I’m another one that is on the upgrade program and refused to get a Xs from my X. 
    The larger sizes are def necessary but tim c is disregarding many loyal, valued customers that prefer smaller, affordable, flagship quality devices. but the course has beed set.

    Thinness weight. Apple is a company which has consistently singled out these two particular qualities with regrd to laptops, tablets and phones. They say thinness is compelling. I agree. They say lightness is compelling. I agree. people who like heavy devices prefer the feeling of a weighty battery in their pocket? why? The future is paper thin and light as a feather or it should be. 
  • Three iPhones likely coming in Sept. 2019, with one a refresh of the LCD iPhone XR

    Will they have usb-c  

    If apple plans on transitioning across the b, lets let 2019 be the year of the iPhone usb-c waiting until 2020 no!

    streamline the ports Tim! Jony!