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  • Apple focusing on mixed-reality headset, high-end shelved for now

    “Mass market”? Sorry, what’s a mass market for a specialised gadget that impresses technophiles but isn’t solving a universal problem? VR is niche, AR could break out of that niche, but it has to offer things people need, and in a way that many people will want. 

    iPod: the whole world wants portable music. Gadgets have come along which digitise it, but they’re clunky and difficult. iPod is small, attractive and does it all better - win!

    iPhone: the whole world wants to be connected. Pockets and bags full of gadgets offered different ways to stay connected on the move, but they’re clunky and difficult. iPhone is small, attractive and does it all better - win!

    Apply this to Apple Glasses or whatever they’ll call it. (I’d suggest Vision or Sight, by the way - it’s more universal.) The whole world wants to see and understand what’s going on around them. Gadgets offer various clunky ways of doing this. Apple Sight has to be small, attractive and do it all better. That’s where the real mass market is for the win. 

    No-one would expect that to be cheap. What value do you place on sight? It’ll just have to be affordable over time and be seen as good value because of what its services bring to your life. If a phone can be sold for over $1,000 + service fees, I’d bet that vision can be sold for more if it can deliver well on a universal need. 

    I don’t know if it’s technically possible yet. I’m sure it will be later. Meanwhile, a clunky step on the way is probably best kept as a dev kit, else it’s more likely the next Newton or HomePod than iPhone or iPod. 
  • Apple planning Face ID for MacBook Pro and iMac

    Oh dear. Maybe someone at Apple thinks the notch is “iconic”, but hasn’t realised that even Apple fans don’t like it.
  • iCloud for Windows updates to fix critical issues with Windows 10 October update

    Not Microsoft's fault if Apple can't code for Windows, though. This along with the noticeably poor quality of iTunes for Windows gives a really bad impression of Apple to non-Apple users, sadly.
  • AppleCare+ for Mac comes to Canada, Mexico, Europe and beyond

    Might want to check the “range from... to” range, as cover for a 15 inch MacBook Pro is 399 pounds (gulp). Also, the regular not plus option seems to have been withdrawn. So yay for increased coverage, boo for increased price. 
    curtis hannah