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  • Apple says Mississippi 'religious freedom' bill 'empowers discrimination'

    An open letter is a good gesture, but if they really want to make a statement, Apple and other big companies would threaten to leave the states in question.  What better way to say FU than to take away tax revenue.  Since most conservative states want the US to be run 'like a business', why not speak the language of business.  
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  • Pinky torture: Why the iPhone SE is a one-handed wonder, and the iPhone 6s is not

    I have the same grip as Neil even on the 5s and before. That pinky grip is useful when thumb typing texts. If you grip it as he showed with the SE, it's fairly difficult to thumb type because the keyboard is so much lower than the sweep of your thumb. I'm getting an SE but I know it's still not as ideal as the 3.5" screen iPhones.

    single handed use is for a much more casual use case, but is also useful in many situations. Think about public transit. If you have to stand on the train or bus you will need to grip something with one of your hands. Maybe you have a bag from shopping in one hand?  There are any situations where ergonomic single handed use is a necessity.
  • Apple's new iPhone SE lags siblings in sales as 9.7" iPad Pro performs well, analytics data says

    Silico said:

    Despite this issue with the data, I'm not surprised by slow sales of the SE.  My impression is that relatively few potential buyers are excited by improved specs - its an exciting new design that most people can't wait to purchase - and we sure didn't get that with the SE.
    I'm one of those few that would "downgrade" from my iP6.  I am disappointed that the SE doesn't have the barometer, 5mp FaceTime camera, and 128gb storage.  I'm also disappointed that they didn't updated the form-factor, since i didn't really care for the 5/5s design, and the limited Apple accessory options for cases.  But, i'm getting one anyway because i want a smaller phone. And based on my post above, my girlfriend also wants the SE for the same reason.  So there's at least a two more people that want one but couldn't get one because of such low stock.
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  • Apple's new iPhone SE lags siblings in sales as 9.7" iPad Pro performs well, analytics data says

    I'm a little surprised by this also.  My better half wanted to replace her aging iPhone 5C.  I too wanted to "downgrade" from my iPhone 6, since i've never been satisfied with the size of the newer phones.  We went on launch day (March 31st) to an apple store just to find they were sold out of every model except for the 16gb Sprint phones.  We were told to check the app for availability every day at 8:01am.  Doing so turned up nothing for the next 3 days.  On Saturday we just so happened to be at the mall.  I checked the app with every possible configuration while we shopped at other stores.  No stock in anything.  We walked into the Apple Store and asked.  They had some models in stock but not many.  We wanted the 64gb "Sim free" model, which they did have one in stock.  (Note: we would have settled on the AT&T model but they didn't have any of those).  We could not reserve it so we patiently waited in the queue to be assisted by one of the Apple Store employees.  When our number came up, they had already sold that model and we left without a phone.  Giving up on dealing with the Apple Store (and their app, which did not accurately reflect their stock counts...and after two attempts got frustrated with the idea that the only way we could accurately view stock counts was to actually show up to the store and ask) we decided to order our phones online.  That gives us a 7-10-day-until-shipping window and we won't see our phones until April 20th (earliest).  So from my POV, it seems there is demand for this device, we just couldn't get one (or two).  The Apple Store employee said they have received very small shipments of them, and would not tell us how regularly they would get more...claiming even Apple corporate doesn't tell them what their shipments contain...which if you ask me is BS.

    That all being well and good, it tells me one of two things are at play here.
    1. Apple could have underestimated demand for this phone and went to launch on very low stock in stores.
    2. The numbers quoted in AI's source material suggests low adoption, but that could be because there were so few available to purchase at launch.

    As a side note, we did also check the local Target and Best Buy for stock, of which they had none (Saturday).  My girlfriend even got an email from Target saying they would have the SE at launch date and when we arrived at the local Target, they didn't even have them on we left assuming they didn't have any.  Best Buy's website said we could only see stock in store only so we decided not to get fooled again by online information.
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  • 'iPhone 6c' to boast larger battery than iPhone 5s, 2GB of RAM, production to start in Jan. - repor

    Being a small-hands person, I look forward to seeing if these rumor actually materialize into a product.  I don't like the sizes of the 6s/6s+ much. I've had my iP6 now since launch but, although i am sort-of used to the size of the 6 now and appreciate the size of the screen, i'd much rather have the better ergonomics and single-handed use of the 4" screen phones.  My only worry is that the storage option could be limited to 16gb only.  That would be a deal breaker to me.  Still, a smaller phone is much more suited to my use-case than a bigger one.  That being said, I can see the need in my travel-life for a 6+ sized device.  IT's a tough choice.  I'd really rather they release a 4" device at th same time as the iPhone 7.  That way i wouldn't have make a decision just to have a potential better option 6 months later.

    As for price, I don't see why everyone is so focused on how much it's going to cost.  The rumors point to basically a device with 2015 iPhone internals.  THat's enough to justify whatever price apple see fit.  It's an iPhone, from Apple, their going to price it relative to their current line-up.  Probably starting at 100 below whatever the current iPhone 6s is.  Deal with it.  We all have in the past, we all pay whatever Apple prices it at.  We all whine about it but we buy them anyway.  that's a fact and it's not going to change.