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  • Apple's App Store analytics may be able to identify users

    JP234 said:
    derekmorr said:
    What does my bank know about me? A lot, since everything I buy shows up on my debit/credit card. If they see my income building in a savings account they might send me an offer to invest in a retirement plan (for example).

    Do I have a problem with that? Obviously not since it’s part of the service I’m getting.

    Now if the bank makes my data available to someone else, THEN it’s a major problem. I expect companies I do business with to know some things about me. I don’t expect them to consolidate their knowledge of me to build a detailed profile to target me.

    I’m convinced when the dust clears this will be nothing more than data Apple gets through my normal dealings with them.

    I’m still waiting to see Apple serve me an advertisement in The App Store that’s in any way targeted (based on existing Apps I have installed or my web browsing habits). Or to see a ad in Facebook related to my search history in The App Store. If that ever happens I’ll be pissed.
    Apple already does this.
    Obviously you've forgotten the recent Wells Fargo crime. WF used customer data to fraudulently open 3.5 million accounts INTERNALLY without the permission or even the knowledge of their customers. And then started charging them fees for those illegally opened accounts. It was official company policy, and employees were told to open at least 7 accounts per client or get fired. And that pressure came right from the top: CEO John Stumpf was deposed and forced out, but was given a $90 million golden parachute. Not saying Apple has or is or would do it, but my friend, blind trust in your bank is just that: willful blindness.

    What on earth does babbling about Wells Fargo have to do with my comment thst Apple serves targeted ads in the App Store? 
  • Tim Cook made it clear that Apple won't adopt RCS any time soon

    Spitbath said:
    I agree with this sentiment. I have been trying to have less Google in my life by avoiding their products... That includes no longer using Chrome, Gmail, Google Maps, and most importantly, avoiding friendly relationships with Android users if I can. YouTube is the only Google product I cannot live without.
    You seriously won't be friends with someone because of what type of phone they use? That's just pathetic.
  • Green texts in iMessages nudge teens to use iPhones

    I'm honestly wondering why anyone would use iMessage at all. From a privacy perspective, it's a terrible product.
    I've been using Signal for a while. While it's not perfect, it's far better on a privacy front than iMessage. And it doesn't encourage people to ostracize users based on what phone they have -- that's just incredibly childish behavior.
  • Google is trying to make Chrome less of a resource hog

    I hate to have to use that POS Firefox, but at least adblock works on it.

    Why is firefox a pos?