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  • Apple has 'great desktops' on Mac roadmap, CEO Tim Cook says

    Those who keep on blaming Intel for Apple's excuses, I have two words for you: Surface Studio
    What are the sales figures of the Studio? That's the real indicator of success, is it not? 
    If the Surface Studio was that great you wouldn't be able to get a discount - in the UK the TV regularly shows ads offering a discount, with a tiny minority of users who can gain some benefit - 'You can't do that on a Mac' - why would you, if you want a Touch UI, get an iPad!

    Anybody who thinks a vertical touchscreen is a good idea should take a look at using one in a car - its impossible and is far more dangerous than using a phone with physical buttons like an old Nokia. 

    Anyone who thinks Microsoft's Office UI with white on white on platinum white is good needs a lesson in ergonomics and optics - something that Apple excel in - Apple don't change the UI every time they release a new OS, something that MS have done at least three times, and the latest just sucks. IMHO.

    So think about this...  if you have a new hardware platform released year after year, what does it do to the value of the machine you are using right now? - that's right, it devalues faster.   If you give away a new laptop for £250 as HP do in the UK, how much is it worth next week?, that's right, nothing, zip, nada, so I ask you, is that good for the planet? think before you answer.
    A slow product lifecycle is better for you, as an Apple customer, as the products have a longer useful life, retain their value so if you upgrade you can resell it for more than that HP laptop.  A slower lifecycle is better for the planet. Period.  Use, reuse, recycle.   NOT USE, dump.

    Most of my Macs have come off eBay [at least three], I am using a 20inch Cinema HD display to write this on, still gorgeous and still working, as is the Mac Cube under my desk, still doing useful work.