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  • Apple's Dan Riccio transitions to special project, John Ternus now SVP of Hardware Enginee...

    Every time someone posts “Apple Glass” (a name Apple would NEVER use) my eyes roll up and I sigh heavily.
    With products named the 'magic keyboard' and 'magic mouse' I reckon that you have no grounds upon which to sigh heavily!

  • Amazon introduces native Mac instances for AWS, powered by Intel Mac mini

    I’m not a developer and don’t really understand the implications for the end user. For example, if I have a complex video that requires heavy computing power to render, will it help me directly? Can I render across 10 machines rather than the one sitting in front of me to reduce the time to finish significantly? 

    Is this something the software developers build into the software; like a switch users could trigger through clicking an option to allow access to a pipeline to cloud services which allow the spread of computations simultaneously across multiple cloud-based computers?
  • Remembering Steve Jobs

    SJ was the right catalyst at the right time in the right place. It is only right when aggrandising SJ to always - always - acknowledge that SJ was remarkably lucky to have met and partnered with the technical genius Steve Wozniak, without whom we wouldn’t be commenting here. 
  • Apple's Magic Keyboard for iPad Pro up for preorder on Amazon, supposedly ships on May 30

    apple ][ said:
    If anybody thinks that it's priced too high or they can't afford it or they don't think it's worth it or whatever other reason they might have, then don't buy it.

    However, there does come a point when a price is universally considered too high, I reckon. 

    If the keyboard - a keyboard, albeit on a pivoting arm - was $999 would there be some people who think it represented good reasonable value? How about $1,499? What is the ‘taking the piss’ point for a keyboard with trackpad? $99? $199? $299, $349 ... for a keyboard & trackpad  ... albeit a ‘magic*’ one?

    * ‘Magic’ - how embarrassing is that? I can’t believe Apple marketing ever pushed that, and can’t believe it’s been in use for so long. 
  • Looking back at 10 years of the iPad, Apple's revolutionary tablet

    So 100% of my computing is on five-year old hardware that has performed faultlessly for the duration, is on a current OS, and shows no sign of running out of steam. I wonder how many users rocking other platforms can say that?
    My MacBook initial aluminum Unibody design is my workhorse. Bought new in 2008, though I’ve now got an SSD and have to use a Bluetooth mouse. It hasn’t been able to update to the latest system software for a while, but it soldiers-on nevertheless. I’m still quite happy with my iPhone 7 too.

    Yes, it’s a good thing for Apple they’ve developed their Services offerings, 😂 

    I recall many years ago Apple had an Italian heading the European operation. He was prescient and quoted saying that the operating system of the future was effectively the Web browser - that’s what people would use primarily. I’m not sure Apple were very pleased with that. He was sacked shortly thereafter. 

    My ancient MacBook runs a Safari and Chrome web browser just fine and those ARE my primary applications.