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  • Editorial: Reporting about the MacBook Pro is failing at a faster rate than the butterfly ...

    Just like Apple doesn't give specific data, the claims made in this article are very sparse on detail, so its hard to take them seriously. I'm inclined to believe it, but people also put up with keyboard issues without complaining or trying to get it serviced -- that hurts reputation even if Apple has limited numbers on that. Also, Apple might not want to dig up previous reports and talk extensively about all the failures no matter how low the percentage.

    The problem here is that people didn't like the feel of the new keyboards or the progression towards less and less responsiveness (something remedied a bit in the second butterfly iteration) and when there were reliability issues on top of that, and long delays for super expensive repairs, it was too easy to vilify the design of the keys and demand change. It didn't really matter how many there were. 
  • Rogue heart rate app highlights flaws in Apple's closed-door review process

    This is especially egregious, but one interesting tidbit is that you can change the amounts of in-app purchases _after_ approval, AFIAK. That doesn't excuse other issues in this app, but that part of it may have shown $1 when the app reviewer was checking it out.

    If Apple honors refund requests and quickly eradicates the app, that helps. It would obviously be best if this type of thing never got on the store. Sad to say that it only takes a few cracks in the walled garden to make it much less appealing. I prefer the walled garden though, it's generally much more peaceful. :)
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  • How to turn the iOS 12 keyboard into a trackpad on any iPhone or iPad

    I suggest this article get a refresh for clarity. It tries too hard to explain the processes for every type of device at once, but the comments, here, have done a better job of parsing out the different interactions necessary.

    Especially this bit by wrotaz needs to be included because I couldn't figure it out on my own and it's much more comfortable than using 3D force touches to do it.
    wrotaz said:
    Without 3D Touch, after long pressing the space button, while moving the cursor, tap keyboard with another finger. It changes the mode from moving to selecting.