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  • iPhone X beats out Galaxy S10+ CPU in alleged benchmark testing

    slurpy said:
    Can someone fucking explain to me how "iPhones are underpowered compard to Android" is still an extreme common meme I see on the internet, especially in comments? I mean, I understand that Apple haters are mostly delusional, but there must be SOMETHING they think they're referring to, considering the facts are the complete opposite and the iPhone wipes the floor with pretty much everything out there and has been doing so for years.
    Fanboyism aside, "power" does not necessarily mean "performance". Well, not for all. Depending on what people do with their phones, larger batteries, higher screen resolutions and expandable storage can give them more "power" to fulfill their needs, than faster CPU/GPU alone. And then of course, there is always question of cost for what you get.

    I was quite seriously looking at XR for my new phone, a few months back. I don't play games or do anything else super-demanding on the phone, thus any modern SoC will do fine. Eventually went for LG G7 ThinQ. It is significantly cheaper than XR by default - NZ$1000 vs NZ$1400 - but on top of that, promo was in place, where for same NZ$1000 retailers were tossing in Sennheiser Momentum 2 headphones and decent wireless charger. Looking at NZ retail prices (and considering that I was in the market for headset), phone itself didn't cost more than $500.. just a bit over 35% of XR. Beside extras, I have also got one of the best DACs on the market, and reasonably cheap 256GB microSD card later (Samsung Evo Plus, NZ$140) I can store all the music I want to carry, and still have plenty space for camera etc...and I can replace it for larger one when I need it, since phone should be fine with up to 2TB of flash size. 

    Phone has its share of compromises. Cameras are serviceable but lack level of details of best mobile cameras on the market, especially in low light. I still prefer dedicated cameras - something with large sensor, at least 1" - so I can live with that. Slight bonus is super-wide angle on 2nd camera - I am more likely to need wide than zoom, since landscapes and architecture are my main interests, and it happens that I cannot fit everything in my dedicated camera, so phone is last resort to get that darn cathedral tower in the frame with the rest of it... Screen is not OLED, but has very high resolution and, thanks to RGBW setup, gets brighter on sunlight than many OLED screens - close to 1000 nits, while using less power (according to LG). It does use more power indoors and in mostly dark screen scenarios. Overall, I am not spending more than 40% of 3000mAh battery from waking up to going to bed (phone sits on wireless charger overnight) on average and, with worst case scenario of 60% of battery usage (new phone, a lot of software installed etc in single day) I am not worried with power consumption, at all.

    Arguably, this phone gives me more power to fulfill my needs than XR would.