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  • Apple TV Remote app inspired Steve Jobs' concept of Apple TV Siri Remote

    The Siri remote is absolutely the worst remote control I have ever used. One half of it is a touch surface that does undefined things when you touch it. There are no lights. It feels the same when you pick it up from either end in the dark. It is super small so it likes to slip down between the seats. The buttons are almost flush with the surface and arranged in a way that makes it hard to tell what you are pressing in the dark. It seems to have been designed by someone that does not have a home theater.
    I agree. I hate it. Also, it has no mute button.
  • Editorial: What Apple's App Store secrecy reveals about its 'iPhone 11' event

    Re: Corrections' reply to hammeroftruth. Thank you Corrections! Well said! Thank you! Thank you!
  • Review: The Doxie Go SE portable scanner will help you organize your life

    I use Evernote's Scannable on my iPhone. It would be a step backwards to use a scanner again.
  • Microsoft found a man named 'Mac Book' to tout Surface Laptop 2

    I have a Surface Book. I love its touch screen. I wish Apple also had touch screens on all their devices. However, I use my MacBook Pro almost exclusively. Why? Because I hate Windows and love MacOS. No amount of hardware design is going to change that.
  • Apple is America's top corporate user of solar energy

    El Capitan... "CO2 is not a greenhouse gas at all. It has a maximum effect on climate of 0.2 deg C and that effect was already exhausted in the 1920s. CO2 currently accounts for 0.04% of the atmosphere, and the only effect it has - which is positive, is greening of the planet and higher agricultural production which have been crucial to fighting starvation. If you want to learn something on the issue, check out a few of Steve Goddard's videos (known as Tony Heller on Youtube). This one is a good starting point:" I watched the video in which he conveniently left out the effect that the Dust Bowl had on temperatures in 1936. Tony Heller (that's his real name--Steve Goddard is a pen name) has a reputation as a distorter of data, and he has no qualifications as a climate scientist. Climate change deniers and flat earthers have a lot in common: neither can recognize reality when its right in front of them, and they are all nuts.