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  • How the new Mac Studio fills a crucial gap in Apple's desktop lineup

    Hedware said:
    How’s this for an nonsensical statement “ There's certainly a case to be made for Apple to add a new 27-inch iMac to its lineup, but it wouldn't have met the need of many users that the Mac Studio caters to.”

    Ok there’s some (no evidence for many) that want something like the Mac Studio and its component style. But the history of strong sales of the integrated 27” iMac makes a strong case for a demand for a M1 27” iMac and probably a higher demand than for Mac Studio. The business market was a strong buyer of 27” iMacs for its appearance and easy upkeep and no cables. Apple writers seem to be ignorant of business when they make statements such as the foregoing one. 
    As someone who has argued for years that an All In One (AIO) is not the same as a desktop, I feel your pain.  Hopefully Apple fixes the hole in your lineup much faster than the hole I my lineup.
  • iPhone 14 may still use A15, Pro models move to A16 says Ming-Chi Kuo

    I don’t see them keeping an A15 in the iPhone 14. What I would believe however is the iPhone 14 get an A16 and the iPhone Pro 14 gets a M processor. This would line up with the iPad line where the Consumer iPads (iPad,iPad Mini) have an A13/A15 and the Professional iPads (iPad Air, iPad Pro) have a M1. 
  • New York, New Jersey exposure notification apps tap Apple-Google API

    I am not rewatching over 100 briefings to find the link, but I remember Gov Murphy saying that they were not even looking into electronic notifications as it was not real contact tracing.  My how times have changed.

    Edit:  I found a news article that told me the day he said it.  Here it is, starting at 8:30 on

    "Other consumer facing smart phone apps are not contact tracing tools.  They are what's know as a non-coding exposure notification or digital alerting tools.  A way for the public to track if they have come into contact with a person who has tested positive and also enter that information into their own phone.  The State of New Jersey is neither pursuing nor promoting exposure notifications or digital alerting technology.  At least at this time."
  • Developer convinces Apple to bend App Store rules on subscriptions

    I agree, I do not see this as bending the rules, but as an example of Apple actually listening to developers and changing the rules.  There was a valid case where the rules did not make sense and Apple listened and revised the rules.  Hope to see more of these stories.
  • Google follows Apple's lead, boots Fortnite from Play Store [u: sued]

    ajminnj said:
    Apparently Samsung join the boot Fortnite Party.  Gizmodo Exclusive: Samsung Has Also Removed Fortnite from the Galaxy Store
    …or not. Read the article again.
    The article was updated after I posted.  Apparently it was a glitch on the Samsung Store.  (What a time to have a glitch)