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  • Foldable iPhone loses notch & resembles iPhone 11 says prolific leaker [u]

    lkrupp said:
    Do we have ANY information about sales of the Galaxy Fold? Or any foldable for that matter? These were dropped on the market, received various positive and negative reviews, and have now disappeared from the limelight into obscurity. They look to me to be failed attempts at innovation and I don't understand why Apple would be interested in making something like this. Sure, play around in the lab, but bring one to market? Why?
    Apple wouldn’t release a product that isn’t compelling.  There have been rumors of Apple testing this form factor for a long time, so they probably see potential regardless of if it comes to market.  I could certainly see interesting use cases if they can overcome the technical hurdles.  The problem with the failed attempts by competitors is that they did *not* overcome the technical hurdles of this design.
  • Foldable iPhone loses notch & resembles iPhone 11 says prolific leaker [u]

    Hope this is a leak that was used to suss out a traitor at Apple and isn’t a real product leak. Because the whole trend of “foldables” is just dumb and Apple shouldn’t follow dumb ideas.
    I think there are compelling reasons if they can keep it thin and still have good battery life.  Microsoft has been trying to pursue this same form factor in Courier.  It could show a keyboard on one screen when folding it at an angle or two apps when flat.  Multi-app would help with multi-tasking, drag-and-drop, etc.  The screen would fold together to help prevent scratches.  
  • Hue Sync Box adds support for Siri control alongside Dolby Vision and HDR10+ content

    razorpit said:
    braytonak said:
    Based on my own experience with the Hue Sync Box I can’t suggest anyone buy one, at least not with an Apple TV 4K and a basic 1080p TV. It fails to start syncing, forgets the hub it’s linked to, stutters and delays lighting changes, won’t connect to the app, and when it’s in a really bad mood it will turn the picture to digital snow or simply not pass a connection through. 

    When it works, it’s nice. It does add depth to the experience. But it is NOT worth the price. 
    Never had any of those issues. You try replacing your HDMI cables?
    Yes, likely a cable issue.  I was having these same issues with Dolby Vision falling out of sync.  Dolby Vision requires no signal loss or it may fall out-of-sync and your picture will look awful until at least the next scene since it includes scene specific metadata.  Adding two HDMI cables is going to degrade the signal further.  Make sure to use cables rated for Dolby Vision and HDR.  The specs need to be higher even if running at 1080p.
  • Apple will maintain bumper to bumper control of 'Apple Car' project, says Morgan Stanley

    Apple only licenses interfaces to other systems like CarPlay, AirPlay, HomeKit, etc.  They never license out technology.  The few times they did they were badly burned by it.  Apple’s business model isn’t compatible with licensing tech.  This will certainly be 100% an Apple product.  That doesn’t mean they wont buy a chassis from another automaker like what Tesla did when they started out.  In fact looking at Tesla would be a good place to see how Apple might approach this.  On the other end of the spectrum, Apple has enough cash to buy all three of the big automakers.  They could buy one and turn all of those vehicles in to Apple cars.  That would be similar to what they did with Beats.
  • Unlikely rumor claims development of Steve Jobs-inspired 'Apple Glass' edition

    Japhey said:
    I fully expect these to be available in different finishes similar to the Apple Watch with $499 being the starting price. But there is no way they will exploit Jobs by naming a product after him. 
    I could see an unspoken tribute, but they would clearly need to be different to fit batteries