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  • Apple's new 2019 iMacs deliver twice the speed as previous model, Vega graphics option

    SMH... More Fusion drives on the entry SKUs? Why on Earth can't Apple transition these EXPENSIVE machines to solid state like the rest of their line up? This isn't even amusing anymore... Apple is hocking an old design that could be dramatically improved with a few simple changes to improve cooling. And still hopelessly stuck on AMD Vega graphics, with no ability to choose. I've said this before, I'll say it again... Tim Cook is the absolute worst thing that ever happened to the Mac. The Mac is dying.
  • Apple's management doesn't want Nvidia support in macOS, and that's a bad sign for the Mac...

    We already have a solution for this problem.  Apple's bean counter mentality, with regard to the Mac, has simply become un-acceptable.  This year, in lieu of upgrading desktop iMacs, we will be swapping them out for PC workstations with nvidia graphics.  Tim Cook is no Steve Jobs .. He appears to be willing to force Mac users into accepting lower quality hardware to make a miserable few more dollars.  Every single Mac that has failed in our shop over the last few years had an AMD graphics solution.  In addition, the state of AMD drivers on the Mac is pathetic at best - we have code that works great on even Intel graphics but fails on machines with AMD graphics.  We are simply done with this.
  • Comparing the Core i9 and graphical performance of the 2018 15-inch MacBook Pro with Dell'...

    I can't stand the 16x9 screens on the XPS line.  That aspect ratio makes a 15" screen look like a 13" screen, and a 13" screen smaller than the 12" screen on Apple's MacBook.  Then, adding insult to injury, they put the webcam below the screen so everyone gets to stare up your nose.  
  • Tim Cook says Apple won't merge Mac and iPad

    Apple is really starting to bother me.  First, Mac updates simply do not happen with enough frequency - regardless of the product. Second, Tim Cook's "Upgrade Fun House", to get a 1TB SSD or more ram is DEFINITELY NOT how I want to buy a computer.  And now, making a "MacPad" (an iPad that can run macOS) seems like low hanging fruit, but Apple doesn't want to do it.  Apple used to enter existing product categories, innovate them, and be more successful than those that created them.  Now .. they have a CEO touting the benefits of "staying in lanes."   Apple ... You've become a boring company.