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  • Apple's Cook, Federighi, Schiller, other top execs to testify in trial with Epic

    I have not seen anyone mention or comment on this from the original Epic actions. 

    - Epic complained about Apple’s 30% cut on in-app purchases. Fortnight is free in the App Store. Note: it is a multi gigabyte download. Multiple that for every user download and every app update/upgrade. Apple has to pay for bandwidth so this “free” download doesn’t cost Epic anything, but it does cost Apple. 
    - Epic’s in-app purchase was $10, so $3 was going to Apple
    - I believe on their web site Epic lowered the price to $7 to show they would “pass the savings to customers”. This is for the PC-based version I believe. 
    - But here’s my item that I haven’t seen mentioned, in Epic’s new in-app purchase they were charging $8. Not $7. So in their proposed new system they are actually making more money and not passing it onto consumers. A 14.3% increase in the money they would receive from consumers. Or they are acknowledging there is a 12.5% cost to providing in-app payments to consumers. So, if we give Apple the same costs for their in-app system, then Apple is making a profit less than 20% for the iOS ecosystem and everything they have built to generate that development business model that Epic is profiting from. 

     Epic was never doing this for the consumers. They see a way to make more money and remove a cost of doing business. 

  • Apple One fails to solve issues with multiple Apple IDs

    I’ve been bitten by two different issues — maybe three. 

    I have two different Apple ID accounts. My iCloud account goes back even before the “mobile me” days when Apple first had developer accounts under an AOL system. When iTunes first came out you couldn’t use that account so I used one under my personal domain. Later when Apple moved things along from to to my “Apple” account followed. I used the iCloud account because you received more services from Apple than if you had a non-Apple account (mail, notes). But I had a lot of content bought under my personal domain and things worked fine. 
    - Logged into my Apple devices with my iCloud account. This account also has 2TB of shared iCloud storage. 
    - Logged into purchases with my personal domain account. Family sharing setup with this account and sharing these purchases and subscriptions. I’m subscribed to all previous Apple services. Apple Music family (renews mid-November), Apple news (renews early November), Apple TV + (renews in February), and Apple Arcade (year subscription expires in January).

    I used my personal domain and signed up for the trial of Apple One yesterday. I saw that on my subscriptions things looked ok, showed the other subscriptions being replaced at the end of November with Apple One when it switched to a pay model. 

    Issue #1. Sometime today my Apple Music family was automatically cancelled because I’m told it was treated as an upgrade to Apple One. I was supposedly given a credit for a half month. The problem is that while Apple’s system show me active with Apple One, Apple Music says I need to subscribe. I spent hours today on the phone with Apple and nothing fixed it. They escalated the issue to the engineering department. 

    Issue #2. In order to try and fix #1 Apple support had me log out of my personal domain under family sharing. Then we tried switching back to the same account. Apple blocks you from doing that for 90-days. Apple support said they frequently clear that flag for people. No matter what they tried they could not get it to work. The system said I need to wait 89 days to reshare the content with my family. So that has been escalated to engineering as well.

    The third issue was a charge (or was it a credit) when I signed up for the trial of Apple One. Ideally it should be no charge because it is a trial but a $16.56 transaction occurred to my Apple Card. Trying to figure that out after they above items are fixed. 

    Not fun. I wonder how many others will have similar issues moving to Apple One.