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  • In possible last gasp for iPad mini, Apple increases capacity to 128GB for $399

    sog35 said:

    Actually all that would be better with a Plus phone
    Wrong. Period.

    I chose the iPad Mini for much the same reasons. It's the perfect size for reading books. I've noticed that reading web pages is good, but any smaller would be too small. Just because you apparently just want to argue does not mean that our usage has to bow to your demands.

    Count me among the very disappointed that Apple hasn't actually upgraded it. I've been waiting for the next version before upgrading my Mini 2, and now I'll probably just wait longer. Apple is making "falling market share" a self-fulfilling prophecy.
    80s_Apple_Guyavon b7
  • Apple Watch & ResearchKit epilepsy study concludes, gleans insight on seizure triggers

    cali said:
    Apple producing world changing technologies.

    Meanwhile "Apple doesn't innovate". 
    This kind of study is an excellent use of technology. Major kudos to Apple for doing it!

    But most of current complaints about Apple are not about their "lack of innovation", it's about abandoning existing users or getting sloppy in areas where they used to be world beating. They can be excellent at advancing in one area, like this one, but that does not do anything to correct letting the Mac Pro rust into obsolescence, or hanging users out to dry with nothing to base their technology decisions on.
  • Apple-issued developer certificate expires, causing crashes in 1Password and other apps

    Apple implements a system that causes an application to stop working even when nothing has changed, requiring an update from the developer and reinstallation, and which does not take into account real-world cases such as users needing to use an older version of software or applications which are no longer being updated, and some of you have the nerve to blame the developer?!?!? Don't you think you're taking the Fan Boyz thing a bit far?
  • Apple again named Greenpeace's most environmentally-friendly company

    sog35 said:
    Wall Street will look at this as a negative.

    Not maximizing profit. 

    Amazon got a D.  Stop the presses.  Wall Street now ups Amazon's target price to $1000
    Why, oh why did AI remove the "Dislike" button?!?
  • Phil Schiller: New MacBook Pro has more orders from Apple than any other pro model ever

    Rayz2016 said:

    But if this thing is as bad as people have been saying it is, then no one would buy it. They'll wait for the next one, or move to Windows as folk here have said they would. I mean if you cannot POSSIBLY work in anything less than 32GB of RAM then the machine is useless to you. 

    I suspect the real reason is that Apple knows more about its customers than we do. 
    Please point to even a single claim that 16GB of RAM is not sufficient for most people. You can't because no one has made such a claim. I would be totally shocked if 16GB was insufficient for 90% of notebook users. In fact, I think it's probably north of 95%.

    The complaint has been that Apple seems to be ignoring that remaining high end who actually does need more when making decisions about engineering tradeoffs.

    But hey, if you want to argue against a claim that no one is making, feel free. Meanwhile, those of us who think carefully about things will feel equally free to treat such arguments with all the respect they deserve.