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  • Latest Safari Technology Preview contains updated tab bar design

    I'm starting to worry that Apple is listening to the tech pundits too much. Getting used to a new way of doing things always takes time, but tech pundits have a perverse incentive to complain loudly and quicker than the other guy. Think of all the decisions and designs Apple has made that were initially panned by tech pundits, even by those that were loyal to Apple. I'm not saying Apple shouldn't listen to outside opinions at all, but what's the right balance?
  • Epic CEO decries Apple's App Store 'propaganda' after 10 months of his own

    Hypocrisy is always lost on the hypocrite
  • First Google Store takes an opposite approach from Apple retail

    I think one way the Google Store will be the opposite of Apple Stores is in sales per square foot.
  • Apple wants to replace passwords with your iPhone or Mac

    I'm really looking forward to this feature rolling out, which will finally alleviate the mess of trying to recover accounts with forgotten passwords.

    I have elderly parents who constantly forget, lose, or something inexplicable happens with their passwords. My father writes them down in a notebook and often misplaces the notebook or forgets to update it when an account asks him to change passwords, or enters the correct password but into the wrong account. My mother uses only one very simple password for every account, making all of her accounts highly insecure.

    As the youngest family member and thus by default responsible for household IT, I'm constantly having to help them recover their accounts because of password problems. Often, the recovery process is confusing or gets stuck somehow. And even when recovery is successful, my parents will struggle with thinking up a new password; one which isn't the same (required by the system) but will be similar enough to hopefully be remembered. Lastly, although I don't have their same problem currently, I think I will eventually when I get older.

    Being able to just use your face and or fingerprint will hopefully get rid of all of these problems.
  • Apple Maps overhaul includes time-based directions, more detailed maps

    I'm excited that Apple Maps will get another great update, especially the bus routes and navigation. Although I think Apple Maps is easier to use and better designed, I primarily use Google Maps for its wealth of data.

    I live in Taiwan, and use maps mainly to look for restaurants and locate stores, and secondarily to search for bus routes. Here Google is king when it comes to restaurant information: offering ratings, reviews, photos, menus, and even third-party delivery and reservation services. This is an instance where the quantity of the data is really helpful, and Apple Maps just can't competitive in its current state. I would gladly switch to Apple Maps if it met my needs, especially for the added privacy, but I'm guessing the tightly focused Apple way will need more time until it makes a serious, concerted push into broadening the scope of its maps app.