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  • Facebook plans to launch new experimental apps under NPE Team name

    I believe that data privacy next step should be some common dB approved/controlled by government where you decide what app can do what with which data. I’ve seen something about that on the wires time ago. Probably not what the industry will acclaim as best for people. By example i’ll be more interested in having my passport in the cloud to open the gates on the airports I can pass freely and sharing that info to the airline company for a limited time. However I do not want that the fact I’ll not be at home is shared to anyone other than me by the airline company.
    Current situation is not on the best interest of people, as it happens often when technology changes.
  • LaCie announces USB-C 2big RAID & 8-terabyte Rugged RAID Shuttle

    JinTech said:
    Every Lacie drive I have ever purchased (four) in the past failed. I always unmount before disconnecting or powering off. Every other drive I have purchased from every other maker has not. I am not sure what their failure rates are these days?
    I’ve broken several WD/Seagates and I’m very happy with my Lacie Porsche 4tb usb-c drive. I’ve tried also these WiFi drives and have to give them back right after trying to load some data into these.
  • App Limits in iOS 12 lets users manage device time & parents set allowances

    It surprises me the people that does not understand how the brain works and how that is related to addictions and addictive behavior and why humans are so weak about addictions in general and of course why children should be protected from technology that’s what this feature is about.
    Amazing, to say the least.
  • Activists stage 'die-ins' at French Apple stores to protest impact of tax avoidance on soc...

    It seems that in the current world 1% of people has more than 50% of the richness.
    it seems also that 20/30 years ago the 1% had about 40% of it.
    As I can assume that the people that post here is well below the (I guess) 10M that should be more or less the floor level to the exclusive 1% club I can deduct that many people shares taxation ideas that conflict with their own well being.

    I believe that taxes for corporations should be higher (or equal) than the taxes for the employees. And that’s before considering the implications of robot work. 

    On the “where to pay it” I also believe that the rules that apply for employees should be applied for corporations (but this topic deserves a longer discussion were I’m not very prepared —- but having all the patents/rd in a fiscal paradise should be banned for corporations—- do not ask me how).

    My pre tax 2c
  • Review: Apple's new 12" MacBook boasts incremental speed improvements

    The MacBook's time on this earth is limited...

    Interesting exhibition of ignorance. I use mine more than my iPad mini or my iMac. Bought it right after the mbpro announcement of last year and cannot be happier of what I have. Is useful in bed, airplane, even airport. Weight is limited, screen is gorgeous, covers my limited needs for photo or movie or music editing. Usually does not gets hot.

    what else? Tried to buy an external wifi hdisk for it. No way. All crap. Returned to sender. Using a wired USB 3 disk for storage, then.