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  • Apple cancels Joseph Gordon-Levitt's 'Mr. Corman' after one season

    A show about a depressed elementary school teacher!  I'd go sign up for TV+ right now if they hadn't canceled it!

    (Yes.  That is in fact sarcasm.)
  • Apple might introduce new 'High Power Mode' for Mac

    mattinoz said:
    So is this only going to be Laptop thing ie it's an acknowledgement you are using on a stand and burn stuff if the casing gets hot or is going to be Desktops as well and fans are going to get loud thing. 

    Even if they do let the machine get a lot hotter they'll be watching for heat build up and switch it off. 
    Seems likely to be for laptops. Are desktops throttled beyond reaching their thermal limits given they're always connected to power? Seems silly if so.

    The iMac has been a terrible thermal design for years.  It's pretty well known that this happens.  It can't be fixed with software, though.  The heat sinks are physically not big enough.  The iMac Pro was practically guaranteed to throttle if you actually put significant computing load on it.
  • Apple keeps making third-party screen repairs harder

    chadbag said:

    Why would someone try to fix the infotainment system if it is still under warranty? The desire to buy OEM parts separate from service is to make repairs on items that are out of warranty.
    Actually not.  The biggest thing are things like screens and other broken glass (phone backs etc).   The phone is often still under warranty in some of  these cases but warranty does not cover damaged items.  So someone breaks their screen after 6 months.  Gets a 3rd party replacement.  Phone itself is still under warranty.  A month later phone has a problem (not directly with the screen).  How can Apple be sure the 3rd party screen  replacement was done correctly and didn't cause a knock-on effect that caused the later problem?   Technically the rest of the phone is still under warranty but Apple could be stuck fixing or replacing it because of a botched 3rd party screen replacement.

    There are no easy answers.   

    There is actually a REALLY easy answer to that one.  If the phone is still under warranty, Apple is legally required to repair it (but is not responsible for repairing the screen) unless Apple can prove that the 3rd party screen damaged the phone.

    That's already the law in the US, Apple just chooses to ignore it.
  • Compared: Microsoft's Surface Pro 8 vs 12.9-inch iPad Pro

    What a silly article.

    The Surface is a computer.  Not a great computer, but an actual computer that you can install any software you want on it.

    The iPad is a toy, stuck in a walled garden app store.
  • 'iPhone 15' will get in-screen Touch ID, 'iPhone Fold' arrives in 2024 says Ming-Chi Kuo

    lwio said:
    Still sporting a Touch ID phone. How easy it to use Face ID at payment terminals etc?

    It doesn't work with masks.  I strongly recommend continuing to avoid it.