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  • Apple's annual shareholder meeting tackling conservative fears, China, equality, & AI

    Stop spreading the “conservative“ lie.

    Some reporters and news outlets have fallen into the lazy trope of using the word “conservative“ where it is inaccurate, does not apply to the subject being discussed, and is sometimes expressing the exact opposite of what is actually happening in the article. 

    The word “conservative“ has been used as Orwellian cover for groups that are more accurately described as “radical“, “right-wing”, or “extremist“. 

    The word “conservative” is a subjective term which is loaded and biased in favor of those described as such. Reporters who are interested in conveying a complete and accurate picture of the story they are reporting will avoid the use of the word “conservative“ in general, and more specifically where it paints a picture that is the opposite of reality.

  • US defense and intelligence services are buying troves of data about Americans on the open...

    wood1208 said:
    I am sure they have good reason/intention finding terrorists hidden in our community pretending like good American citizen but planning for future terrorists attack. Prevention is better than cure.
    Not a student of American history, it would seem.
    From MLK to John Lennon to countless others, spying on and subverting individuals simply for exercising their rights to speak out and protest has ALWAYS been conducted under the guise of "national security". Invoking said "prevention" is too frequently used as a political tool to protect those in power, rather than protecting the public at large. As such, prevention is not better than the cure, particularly when claimed "prevention" subverts the Constitution.

  • iPhone 15's Ceramic Shield survives bird attack in new ad

    That specific shot of the phone flying toward the camera was not a practical, in-camera shot at all.  Modern visual effects are capable of generating realistic particles and debris.  Apple has extremely detailed 3D models of their devices used for marketing.  Motion tracking in Nuke and After Effects is scary good lately.  

    Besides, if they didn't nail this shot on the first take, do you think they're gonna ask the actor to crash over and over again until they do?  "Take 126!"

    It's rare that Apple films a device in-camera, unless it's being used by an actor holding it.  And images of the screen can be enhanced in post with sharper, more detailed ones.  In fact, they usually have to do that because the color balance won't always be perfect.
    Agreed. It's a virtual certainty that this was done with special effects. 
  • How to instantly change text between upper, lower, and title case on a Mac

    afstein said:
    Nice tip. 
    I was very confused at the beginning because I was wondering about the reference to the “toolbar” since it’s different in every app. 
    Then I realized you mean the menubar. Edit menu is found there. Might need to correct the article.
    Good catch. Yes, the Toolbar is at the top of each window while the Menubar is at the top of the screen

    Hopefully a correct will be forthcoming as the typo in the article is misleading and confusing read as is. 
  • Here we go again - Apple rejects Hey Calendar app from App Store

    ktappe said:
    They thought the clone vendors would attempt to expand into new markets but instead they 
    simply sought to cannibalize the company with inferior offerings.
    The clones weren't inferior. I bought several PowerComputing units for my then employer and they worked great. They were faster at a lower price than Apple's Macs.
    PowerComputing had the best clones - I had one. Fast, cheap, and no problems.
    Most of the other clones did not rate as well. Among them, Motorola was pretty crappy because, well, Motorola.