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  • AAPL price crushes old record, cruises past $1,000 pre-split per-share price

    Apple's share repurchases aren't looking too bad now, are they?  Despite the naysayers constant battering of Cook and calls for his head.
    But really, what fun would it be if no one were calling for Tim's head?  I mean, this place would be like a prom ballroom 4 hours after the dance ended.  And who wants that? :)
  • New Apple Park drone footage reveals occupied research and development building, landscapi...

    All of these buildings and all of these employees, and what comes of it - a [Red] iPhone, and not a whole lot more. WTF are they doing? Cooks says "lots in the pipeline" Is he talking about the Keystone pipeline? Certainly after all of this time, people and acquisitions you'd think there'd be some amazing tech happening — what a sad excuse for a company Apple has become. I've been using their products exclusively since 1993, but I just can't see this continuing!
    Terrible post. The red phone was a freebie and not a main product event so i have no idea what you're complaining about. The products keep getting better and better -- iphone, ipad, watch, macbook, etc, and we have new entries like airpods. I can't imagine using old gear because the new gear is so good. Many of the improvements are things you don't even see, like display tech. How do you think this happens? Magic elves? Or do they just fall off all the new trees?

    If you're so disappointed what's stopping you from using a Dell?

    Also, what the hell is Pansonic doing -- all their TVs looks the same! So mad. 
    Although Magic Elves would be pretty cool, I find myself having to vote for falling out of trees, unfortunately.

    Seriously though, that place looks so amazing.  Once everything is done and especially the landscaping, it's going to be so stunning. Now the question becomes, how do I find a way to get a job there when I have absolutely no discernible talent? :)
  • Apple's online store will close Tuesday morning, fueling rumors of new products

    An all wheel drive Apple off-road crossover autonomous car, that flies and dives like a submarine!! Comes with Apple stickers, a headphone jack, and an SD card slot!
    Day 1 for me!!!

    Seriously, though, I am curious at what's going to happen.  It could be so many different things.  A new iMac would be sweet, for sure.
  • Supply chain suggests Apple's 'iPhone 8' will sport mildly curved Samsung OLED screen

    mac-daddy said:
    I wish Apple would go back to their innovative ways instead of copying Samsung every year. 
    Is this satire?
  • Supply chain suggests Apple's 'iPhone 8' will sport mildly curved Samsung OLED screen

    zroger73 said:
    I can list several disadvantages of curved screens right off the top of my head.

    I can't think of any advantages.
    But ... but ... but ... what about being able to read notifications when the phone's lying on the table?!?!?!