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  • Spatial Audio head tracking on Apple TV automatically resets when you get up from the couc...

    Surround sound from AppleTV on my Airpod Max is something I was surprised didn't work when I bought them, so it's good to see it finally arrive.

    When it comes to head tracking, I wonder if it's possible to turn it off? It is a very impressive gimmick, but without VR it is just that - a gimmick - and I'd rather have it off, while retaining surround sound.
  • European Commission says Apple is in breach of EU competition law

    stuke said:
    No one forced you to buy an iPhone nor iPad since 2007. No one also forced you to purchase any smartphone application on the App Store if you did buy an iPhone or iPad.  Get off your high horse and innovate something out of the EU that the rest of the world finds useful, helpful, and or impactful, and is willing with their one free will to pay for that value. 

    @Apple, quit selling in the EU Block. It will last for 3-6 months before the findings are negated. . 

    Innovation? Spotify invented the music streaming service as we know it today - just as Apple was the catalyst of the generation before, the digital music store. My first Spotify receipt is from 2009, Apple launched their service more than 6 years later. (Disclosure: I'm a customer at both - or rather, I have the Apple family membership and my wife has the Spotify family membership due to needing playlists at her job)

    A platform owner using a dominant position to enter a new market and give themselves a large advantage is pretty much as clear cut anti-trust as you can get. I have no sympathy for Epic, but I think Spotify has a good case as Apple has entered the market Spotify created 6-7 years earlier. Giving themselves a 30% competitive advantage when entering a market is not a good thing. 
  • Google updates Gmail for iOS with widgets and privacy 'nutrition' label

    I’m not trying to be snarky here, this is a legitimate question on my part. Can anyone explain why GMail has so many “may be collected” points compared to Apple Mail? Why would purchase info be collected, for instance?

    For reference, here’s what Apple Mail says:

     Two things here:

    1) There is a large difference between "apple mail the app" and "gmail the service". Apple's mail is just an interface to mail services, gmail's nutrition info covers the service as well. Thus, Apple's mail using the Gmail service would end up pretty much the same in what data Google gets.

    2) Google does a lot of useful stuff with your email - e.g. it will identify and categorise receipts so you can easily find them later. It will also find things like airline tickets, other things with set times (cinema tickets, for pre-covid times) etc and help you track all of these, updates etc.

    Of course, it doesn't use all of this info just to help you, it's also to be able to sell you for a higher price.

  • Apple plans macOS software fix for M1 Mac Bluetooth connectivity issues

    I had massive problems with this on  my 27" 2020 imac as well - while the 2013 imac it replaced never had an issue.

    I researched and tried a lot of workarounds for the disconnects - what worked for me, and fixed  the issue completely was turning off the handoff functionality. I've never had this issue since I did that.
  • Prolific indie game porter won't develop for macOS anymore

    dysamoria said:
    xyzzy01 said:
    TLDR Someone doesn't think its worth it to replace his old laptop or learn new tech to support a tiny sliver of a microscopic partcile of a market.

    While the first part - not replacing his laptop - sounded strange, the second is an issue. As Apple has gotten bigger, they've moved away from open standards and created their own products. In this case, they've deprecated OpenGL (after not their version for a long time) and created their own graphics API - Metal. That makes porting much more work and less interesting - and as a long time Apple user, it's something I don't like too. It will make porting harder, maintenance harder and create more platform-specific bugs. It will also make less ports happen.
    There’s a project to get OpenGL’s replacement Vulkan wrapped by/translated to Metal. It’s called Molten. It’s not yet complete (covering all of the Vulkan API), but it’s in progress.

    As for Apple Silicon... I keep reading people saying that anything which compiles on Mac OS Intel is a quick conversion to Mac OS Apple Silicon. Is that not factual?

    Interesting project.

    As for Apple Silicon - it is as simple as a recompile if you have a simple app which consists of only its own code, and calls to the MacOS APIs.

    If you have a large project, things can be way more work.... from "a little more" via "completely dependent on someone else" to "not happening".

    Some examples of "dependent on someone else":
    "Pycharm", "IntelliJ" etc are nice developments suites. However, they run on top of Java - so you depend on that to be available for the SI.

    Large projects often depend on a large set of libraries developed by third parties (or in-house). You need them to available as well... Some of them are available, some of them aren't, and some are available but only for newer versions of the libraries/engines than the ones you're using. Maybe it's a trivial change, maybe you need to rewrite parts of the codebase.