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  • Apple Vision Pro 2 may be half the price of the original claims sketchy rumor

    omasou said:
    VR may have great professional use cases but for mass user adoption and utility Apple should focus on AR and lightweight glasses
    What would you do with AR?
  • 'Apple Glasses' reportedly launching in 2026 or 2027 at the earliest

    Not seeing much excitement on this forum for these VR and AR devices.
  • Siri might get an AI boost, after testing improvements in tvOS

    jdw said:
    As I said in a recent post on the same topic, the AI capabilities won't matter much. It's more than just Siri being stupid (technologically inept, mishearing me, etc.).  The bigger problem is that Apple deliberately dummies it down out of fears it may cause trouble for the user.  For example, I can't tell Siri to change settings on my iPhone, which makes me far, FAR more angry than Siri mishearing me a making a mistake.  The entire purpose of Siri is to have it do things for me because my hands are busy doing something else.  So when it tells me it can't do that, I know it's due to a stupid limitation imposed by Apple. That sort of thing cannot be fixed by a smarter AI.  That can only be fixed by a smarter Apple who finally EMPOWERS me with commands to actually do something useful.  If Apple did that right now, without adding any new AI capabilities, Siri would be vastly better and something I would start using.
    I agree, though having a smart home I use Siri all the time to operate lights, open my garage, set timers, and set alarms on my Home Pods.
  • Apple debuts new MacBook Air with Apple Silicon M1 chip

    elijahg said:
    docno42 said:
    elijahg said:
    I notice the price is the same as before, so rather than dropping the price due to cheaper CPU and increasing accessibility for people, they're just absorbing the extra profit. Great, that's the Cook Way. ߙ䦬t;/div>
    You aren’t buying a collection of parts, your buying functionality.

    If you don’t think the value proposition works for you, don’t buy it.  Frankly I’m surprised they didn’t raise the price - this little thing called inflation means they are already grossing less just from that alone.  

    If you want cheap crap there are plenty of other vendors to choose from out there.  Have at it.   I have no problem paying more for a better experience.
    Yes, all these added bells and whistles are nice, looking better on webcam etc, faster ML, but those things are super niche. Better battery is great, but having 10 hours vs 20 isn't essential. When's the last time you worried about how you look on webcam, or how fast ML is? It's actually less functionality for me at least, as it can't run Windows which I use for parts of my job - And so does Apple. Amusingly, the Mac Pros are running Modelsim, which is a logic analyser. And it's Windows only. I used Windows on my Mac regularly at uni, if I couldn't, I would have got a PC laptop. Same for several of my friends at uni.
    More people use their webcams than use Windows on their Macs by a huge margin. It is you who are super niche.
  • Why the Mac's migration to Apple Silicon is bigger than ARM

    darthw said:
    Will it be possible, eventually, for Apple to make faster SoCs than the fastest most powerful intel Xenon chips?
    Yes. I just read that the new Japanese super computer, that is the fastest in the world is built using Arm chips.