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  • Hands on with all the changes in tvOS 13

    I'm curious, with multi-user support now, if a different user logs into the AppleTV, do they in turn have to login to all the apps?  Netflix, Hulu, CBS, etc... Would be nice to have the choice... Share sub w/ other users? or not...

    I know apple is most likely thinking family, but what about for example... roommates, college students, etc...? In that regard, what about secure logins? Touch/FaceID on iOS device to login securely... Again, would be nice to have the choice. Maybe even be able to set ratings for userIDs to keep people in check. I know I don't want MY grandparents watching Fox News...!  LOL 
  • Review: Apple's new AirPods are a first-class update to an already superb product

    I've used brush-picks to clean them... 
  • These iOS 12 improvements will help you live a less stressful digital life

    Giving your kids an 'allowance' for say, Instagram is going to stress them out...!
  • Microsoft 'Photos Companion' iPhone app allows for easy transfer of pictures to Windows 10...

    The version necessary isn't available in the Microsoft Store... I simply wanted to try it as an easy way for my windoze clients to import pix to their desktops.  Let me guess, I need an insider build or something... Grrrr
  • HomePod, the iPod for your home

    I have about 8 'wireless' speakers in my house. By far the best for connectivity and sound is my old Bose SoundDock (w/ iPod connector!) audio-out connected to an Airport Express. Not only is the sound the best out of any speaker I have, but it's connectivity has been flawless. I'm hoping AE's get an update to be AirPlay2 compatible. My most recent purchase is a Libretone Zipp Mini -- probably the best portable  speaker we have in regards to audio (will get an AirPlay2 firmware update too!). The two XtremeMac TangoAir's have decent sound but horrible connectivity (discontinued, but hell, closeout for $30/ea) -- I've resorted to only using Lightening to connect to them for the most part (great mid-day charge of iPhone too). Bluetooth is bluetooth. Have small Logitech UE mini boom, Jawbone Jambox all sufficient, but not the best sound -- they're too small to have great audio but the Jambox is still incredible for it's size notwithstanding.  The rest are smaller devices usually attached to AE's. I welcome the superior quality sound (supposedly) of the HomePod. Does the 'Siri' portion of it matter much? Not really, but will be nice to control some HomeKit product w/out busting out my phone. If the wireless connectivity is solid and the audio quality is amaze-balls (as the kids say)... I'll be a satisfied customer. Bose cost $369, Zipp Mini $200 -- so I'm thinking this may turn out to be a fairly reasonable price for a connected speaker.