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  • Rumor says 10.2- & 10.5-inch iPads in the works, launching separately

    hentaiboy said:
    Apple is rumored to be replacing its 9.7-inch "budget" iPad with a 10.2-inch model
    So is it a 10.2” or a refreshed 9.7” as reported a couple of days ago?
    Do not give us another pricing tier for new iPads.
    Yes please do. $499 like we’ve always paid. A 9.7” with no bezels. Thanks. 
    aren't we paying $329 now?

    so if it's 10.2...I think it's to retire the Ipad pro 10.5 and the 9.7 AND lightning AND Pencil 1.
    (and likely either a A12Fusion or A12/A11 chip to get a neural engine)
    My guess is FaceID is 'cheaper' to deploy than touchID . (less home button breakage).

    to 'NonPro-ify' it... they keep it at 32GB and lower RAM.  Keep 2 speaker (maybe 3 speaker for landscape?).

    Price: Less than $499 (either $429 or $399)

    as for a 10.5" That looks like a false flag...  I can't see a 'cheaper' (less than $399) big iPad that isn't the biggest (like the iPhone XR).
    Too many options in the 10.2 11 and 12.9 range now (especially if they keep selling the 10.5 and 9.7 for a few months to get rid of inventory).

    - Geoff

  • Apple's 'It's show time' video and Apple News event is on March 25 at Steve Jobs Theater

    lkrupp said:
    Meanwhile we sit here with no iMac refresh/update in over a year. Sure, I have a late 2013 iMac 14,2 that’s running Mojave just fine but its beginning to show its age a bit. How long do I wait for the hardware to go along with the fancy services coming out? What about the Mac Pro? The MacBook category? Will there ever be a Mac oriented Apple Event? Is it all iOS from here on? 
    I would think your list of wants is usually addressed at WWDC, where the Mac power users congregate.  AndRemember, part of this is Mac's are subject to the Whims of Intel's chip release schedule, iDevices and content aren't.   There isn't any major new intel chip sets that will magically enable fancy services (at least none that aren't already on the current top-o-tho-line iMac/MBPs).
  • Apple's 'It's show time' video and Apple News event is on March 25 at Steve Jobs Theater

    I just hope they don’t announce a new HomePod. I just broke down and bought one. Part of me is also worried they might drop the price. In which case I might have over paid. But frankly now that I own it, it’s worth every penny. (Also it’s never going to stop being a great AirPlay speaker).
    A market demographic of one.

    You should only buy stuff you need or brings joy.   If you needed it last week, then it was good deal, and every moment you have it brings you joy or profit (hopefully both).   You could be dead tomorrow... so why worry about what may or may not happen.
    I’m iffy on whether or not I’ll pay for an Apple streaming service. If it’s free or bundled with Apple Music, great. But if they want me to pay 10 bucks extra for it or something like that I’ll just not buy it. I use my sister’s Netflix login, and I have a great torrent site. Frankly the UIs for most streaming services are worse than my torrent site, so why pay for them? My sister pays for Netflix, CraveTV (canadian service), and Amazon Prime. So the whole family shares those across our AppleTVs. 

    yeah, why pay for the Uber, when you can just steal rides on the bus by downloading copies of counterfeit chits, or use your sister's non-transferable token.  I'm sure the transit system will use all the extra free rides they give out to justify not upgrading the quality of their services.

    I would probably enjoy a service made by Apple. But there are so many services out there I just can’t be bothered to pay for all of them. Especially when crave and Amazon both have apps designed for garbage platforms ported to the Apple TV App Store. 

    Your logic is really economically sound.   Why pay for quality, when you can steal crap... because the legal supplied stuff is such a pain to use than the illegal stolen/counterfeit crap.  Because in not paying for it, the owner of the system doesn't have the money to upgrade the site, so they can't improve it through the volume increase, so they have to raise the prices of the content, so then more people steal it, reducing funding for additional content and site upgrades.... to the point that there is no money and no netflix, and then Amazon Prime charges your sister $500 a year for Prime (because they can), which she won't pay for, and drops the service.  

    But you got torrents.

    A winning plan... I hope everyone follows it.

    (I accept the counter argument that some companies will take your money and not invest it into quality [even Apple ;-(].   A valid risk...  profit takers)

    curtis hannahpscooter63MisterKittycho_macuser
  • Next-generation 'budget' iPad rumored to retain Touch ID, headphone jack

    I am slightly annoyed at the lack of a headphone jack in the iPad Pro, and wish they kept it. I just bought some soft silicone “sleep” headphones for use in bed with my iPhone and precious iPad Air 2, and will probably keep the latter around for watching stuff in bed for that reason alone. I got a USB-C adapter, but obviously switching adapters for both devices would be a pain and defeats the point of the lightning headphones I just bought. Before you say AirPods, I plan to get v2 but not for falling asleep in, or I’ll be searching for them every morning. :)

    This is also one of a few reasons after gettting my iPad Pro following my new MacBook Pro that I want the iPhone to move to USB-C — in addition to one charger to rule them all. 
    I think you can't have it both ways... All pro devices support both old school and 'modern' connectors. On the space constrained devices (iPads and iPhones), something has to give.  

    As for the iPhone going to the USB-C adaptor... I think what you'll see is all the chargers evolving to a CtoLightning charge connector.   Yes an 'extra' cable if you have iPad Pro, but for the same reason as you like the 3.5mm space, the lightning earbuds are just now reaching critical mass in the market.  

    I concur the iPad V7 and Mini should retain the 3.5mm space to hold their market share in the classroom environment.  3.5mm earbuds are $5 or less in quantity, and make for accomodating  public school income disparities...  
  • Showdown: Samsung Galaxy Buds versus AirPods and the rumored AirPods 2

    one question this didn't answer is 'mic performance'.   The fact that the airpod stems can provide a more directional mic improves both base quality, and the AirPod2(?) potential ambient noise cancellation capabilities (see

    I'm just curious about the 'biking' to work conversation comparison.  with 10mph breeze and back ground noise, can Siri or the person on the other end understand me.