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  • TSMC is continuing to complain about 'unacceptable' US chip plant terms

    DAalseth said:
    Geez, what a bunch of whiners. They knew what things looked like going in. Maybe they thought if they stamped their foot and cried enough that the government would fold like the State of Wisconsin did. Dudes, you sighed a contract, hold up your end or pay the penalty. You don’t want to be double taxed? Talk to the government of Taiwan. 

    As far as their bi*ching about how Americans don’t work hard enough. We may not work as hard as you’d like but you see your employees as replaceable, disposable pieces that can be used up and thrown away. In the west we put a higher value on the welfare of our fellow citizens. Once again you knew this going in, so shut up or GTFO. 
    You have no idea what you are talking about. TSMC is one of the best run companies in the world. It is the top dog in the foundry business by a mile. It really doesn't need to build fabs in the US. In fact the poor work culture and regulatory red tap here in the US are major disincentives for building new foundry fabs in the US. TSMC only relented and embarked on this multibillion dollar project because it wants to improve US/Taiwan relation. The US government and Apple both would like to see TSMC diversify manufacturing and have been putting a lot of pressure on TSMC. Whether TSMC's incredible management and R&D skills can overcome all the pitfalls and successfully bringing cutting edge foundry manufacturing to the US or not.. that remains to be seen. But we should all root for TSMC. As the article clearly points out, base on current rules TSMC will be double taxed. It is not whining when the rules are clearly unfair. If US government is wanting to court TSMC to come to the US, it must provide a level playing field. You allude to the bogus project that FoxConn had planned in Wisconsin. Well... if you know Terry Gou and his history you'll know that deal was dead on arrival. Kenosha residents didn't even want the project. It was pretty much a publicity stunt arranged by Terry Gou and former republican governor Scott Walker and con artist Donald Trump to get votes.