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  • Cook talks slumping iPhone sales in interview, to reportedly hold 'all-hands' meeting with...

    Apple is putting out products that aren’t that much better than the rest of the market, and raising their already high prices.  When there are very good phones for less than $700, Apple isn’t going to sell many (compared to cheaper years past models) at $1,100.  Apple wowed the world when the iPad came out at $499. Now the entry to the Pro model is $799.  

    Macs are the same story. Sacrificing upgradability over form factor, prices have increase dramatically with little innovation. Who cares how thin a desktop computer is when you can’t upgrade it. 

    Apple now nickles and dimes you for everything. They can’t afford to put the 3.5mm dongle in with a $1,250 iPhone?  How about the crazy dongle prices when switching to USB C?  Apple doesn’t need to make 1000% margin on those when it means breaking the people who are overspending for their products already. 

    Apple needs to go back to 1998 and review their lineup again. There was a time when Apple Sold one iPhone per year. Now they have a half dozen that don’t appear to be all that different. But keeping each on production costs money.  Narrow the assortment and offer products people want (upgradable!) at fair prices. 
  • Class action suit alleges Apple lies to customers over size & resolution of iPhone X, XS &...

    About time. I’m very angry about those missing pixels in the corners and the notch. It ruins my experience with the device, since I bought it unseen, after only seeing the resolution specs.  Those pixels are the best pixels, which Apple must be keeping for themselves. 

    Seriously, I hope Apple can charge their legal fees to this lawyer.  This is why our legal system is so messed up. You don’t have time to resolve important cases, because the courts are tied up with this nonsense.  
  • Apple Store app sends rare push notification to promote new iPhone models

    Good. Maybe the first signs that Apple will reconsider their plans to increase prices on everything.  In an age where phone upgrades year to year are modest, and price pressure is pushing competitors to offer lower priced models, trying to get $1,000 plus dollars is crazy.  There are only so many people willing to shell out that kind of money. (Many on this site)

    Tim has to get out of the maximizing quarterly profits and think of the long-term benefits to getting and keeping people in the Apple ecosystem. 
  • Add these Mac accessories to your back-to-school shopping list

    These must be some rich students! 
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  • A year with MacBook Pro: reviewing Apple's 2017 pro laptop models

    Quad core 13” and I’m buying it.  As long as it doesn’t have the crappy keyboard.