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  • How to make typing in macOS like iOS with auto capitalization, double-space periods, and w...

    At the moment the AI autocorrect on iOS is about as accurate as a blindfolded, drunk, Connor McGregor on a bus. It does stupid things, and when it tries to make very sensible changes it in fact worsens a great deal of my sentences. Simple words like “try” or statements like “what of” are altered into other terms. Training it does not help, and thus far, only seem to make it worse. On a very basic level it hasn’t been as helpful as it used to be since iOS 9 or 10 in my mind. Whatever predictive format changes they implemented made me entirely shut it off.

    I think in general though; Apple has to get its AI game together. It will. In both Maps and in autocorrect land it seems to lose its mind and suggest locales in far off places, or sentence strings that would be more more appropriate coming from a 5th grader. New hires seem to be showing some hope, but as it stands I would not want my Mac typing like iOS. Although, I fear that’s and inevitable thing and may likely be a default setting soon.
  • Apple shipping delays higher under Tim Cook than Steve Jobs, data finds

    Honestly, I think they should do a test on how many bugs result as a cost of Jobs shipping so fast. There were problems that were put out there at times.
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  • Apple hit with lawsuit after admitting to slowing down iPhones with depleted batteries

    Just another person making this world muddy and messy.

    Apple doesn't owe anybody any money.
    It owes a shit load in taxes and is gonna pay up as per the EU lol. Regarding this situation: if they were transparent then they would not be getting fucked on this deal. They should have made it a feature, and left it to the consumer to decide. When you make calls like this on behalf of the customer, then they will come at you with fangs. More importantly, a prompt should pop up "its time to replace your battery for $80" instead of "lemme slow you down bro w/out telling you bro" etc.

    There is a clear cut difference here, and they made a mistake on assuming what each person would want.
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  • Apple's project 'Marzipan' will let iOS apps run on the Mac in 2018 - report

    danv2 said:
    I have to be honest, I kind of want to vomit now. This only underscores them backtracking on years, and years, and years, of research and design. The touch screen is not the desktop and vice versa. This is the Red Wedding of macOS essentially to me. Making these super universal apps will destroy ecosystems, and make people incredibly frustrated. It did not work for Microsoft, and it did not work for Google, why in the hell is Apple doing this? Who did they hire? I'm betting some Google or Redmond recruit has gotten his claws in deep enough to poison the well and destroy a good thing. I can be up front in saying Jobs is rolling around in his grave at the moment, and yeah, I take that and run with it because its the truth. And yeah, Jobs is dead, but this is ripping up the playbook and crapping on the idea of a tablet OS and a desktop OS. They are separate, they are different. Programmers and customers alike do not like to conflate them. Mark my words though: 2018 Apple will require you to build a Mac OS app as well, and then state you can't put it on the App Store unless you have a version of both. The end result: anarchy and hell.
    It’s a rumor, dude. 

    And no, I think your 2018 prediction is just panicked nonsense. They’re not going to force iOS devs to produce macOS versions anymore than they force iOS devs to make iPad or tvOS versions today. 
    I wanna be wrong about this, trust me, I hope I am entirely and superbly wrong. If I end up wrong, then I'll be incredibly happy. 
  • Apple's project 'Marzipan' will let iOS apps run on the Mac in 2018 - report

    wwchris said:
    Mouse support would actually allow the iPad to become a "real" computer. Que the "what's a computer" jokes. :-)
    This is my point entirely as well. If you start adding in the mouse to iPad apps you essentially just have a thin laptop. The entire point of the iPad was to avoid a mouse. The entire point of a desktop OS is to use a mouse. Splicing the two together holds no water, and has no dignity in the investment made during development. This isn't thinking different, this is thinking like the rest of the crowd and becoming a sheep. I'm none to happy about it either, but hey, I guess this is where we go. We give up on rock solid ideas that won entire platform wars to be just like the rest of the engineers losing ground.