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  • Apple turns its Pages, Numbers, Keynote apps up to 11

    Love Pages and Keynote. They’re both so intuitive and versatile — I use them mostly on iPad, hardly ever on iPhone or Mac. Never use Numbers, other than for opening Excel documents from time to time. 
    I use both Numbers and Excel. Work uses Excel, but I use Numbers personally. To me the multiple tables-based layout in Numbers is vastly superior to the single-table sheet in Excel. I can crest so much nicer worksheets when they aren’t all tied to the layout of a single table. 
    Numbers open Excel spreadsheets much faster than Excel. It is delightful !
  • Chip shortages affecting Qualcomm's ability to produce Android processors

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    Qualcomm is reportedly struggling to meet demand for processor silicon used in Android devices as a global chip shortage spreads across the electronics industry.

    Credit Qualcomm
    Credit: Qualcomm

    Demand for Qualcomm chips have soared in 2021 as Android makers close in on market share left by Huawei in the wake of U.S. sanctions. However, Qualcomm is finding it hard to meet the demand, partly because of a shortage of subcomponents used in its application processors.

    Because of that, Samsung is currently experiencing a shortage of Snapdragon chips, according to Reuters. That could impact production of mid- and low-end Samsung models, though another source said there was also supply concerns surrounding Qualcomm's new Snapdragon 888 processor.

    A senior executive at a top contract manufacturer for several major smartphone brands told Reuters it is also facing shortages of critical components from Qualcomm, and could cut handset shipments in 2021.

    The global processor shortage has been ongoing for several months. It first hit the automotive industry and has now spread to the consumer electronics market. In February, Xiaomi vice president Lu Weibing said that the situation is "not a shortage, it's an extreme shortage."

    Back in February, President Joe Biden took steps to boost the U.S. manufacturing of silicon to strengthen the international supply chain and mitigate the global shortages.

    For the most part, the supply situation is only affected Qualcomm's older processor technologies because it's currently directing resources toward newer silicon options. The shortage is also driving up the price of specific chip components.

    At this point, Qualcomm's supply troubles will likely have little effect on Apple. Although the Cupertino tech giant uses Qualcomm modems in its iPhone lineup, it designs and develops its own A-series chips that are produced by third-party contract manufacturer TSMC.

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    The answer is simple:   End the silly, hateful, vindictive trade war with China cleverly disguised as "National Security".

    You can't shutter chip factories and limit production in other less direct ways -- and THEN whine about lack of production!
    ....  That's silly and childish.
    China has yet another problem;

    I can see a Winter Olympics boycott on the horizon...yet you still ignore what is happening to the Uighurs, Hong Kong, and Taiwan. Fortunately, the rest of the world is not.

    Genocide is the intentional action to destroy a people—usually defined as an ethnicnationalracial, or religious group—in whole or in part. A term coined by Raphael Lemkin in his 1944 book Axis Rule in Occupied Europe,[1][2] the hybrid word geno-cide is a combination of the Greek word γένος (genos, "race, people") and the Latinsuffix -caedo ("act of killing").[3]

    Ethnic groups in Xinjiang
    根据2015年底人口抽查统计 [189]

    Yeh, it's pretty much a dead giveaway that somebody is running a (mostly) baseless smear campaign when they have to introduce hyperbole into to the argument.  Especially if they have to redefine words to suck off of their normal meaning.  People who have legitimate arguments don't have to resort to such childish tactics.

    But, as I said, those that do use such tactics expose their argument as baseless.

    As for an Olympic Boycott:  that would be more justified against the U.S. where we have militarized police executing (or is it committing "genocide" against?) innocent black people?
    What I think doesn't matter in the big picture, and I don't determine policy;

    "WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The United States has not seen any developments that would change its determination that China committed genocide and crimes against humanity in its treatment of Uighur Muslims in the western region of Xinjiang, State Department spokesman Ned Price said on Tuesday.

    “We have seen nothing that would change our assessment,” Price said. The Biden administration has endorsed a last-minute determination by the Trump administration that China has committed genocide in Xinjiang. Beijing denies the charges."

    Neither you not tzeshan have been able to produce any information denying that it happened, which is par for the course, but given that the PRC will not allow any independent investigation, this is all on the PRC, not the U.S.

    US-China relation is the most difficult part of US foreign policy. It originated from the conflict between western culture which emphasizes total freedom and love and Chinese culture which emphasizes facts and regulation. History doesn't lie. US Congress passed the Chinese Exclusion Act in 1880 when there was no communism or CCP. Some Americans have tried to change this. But the election of Trump proved that this culture is firmly planted in other Americans. China has tried hard to rebuild the country without invading other nations instead by hard working to produce goods for other nations. Apple succeeded by working with China to become the most valuable company in the world. But some China haters and Apple haters try to break this relationship. 

    Don't give these idiots so much credit.
    The root of the current batch of "I hate China" stems from the fact that they will soon over take us as the world's leading economy.
    That is not only humiliating to these so called patriots but, aside from the financial and economic manifestations, it puts the lie to their contention that Democracy and Free Market capitalism is inherently superior to autocracy and socialism.
    (Here's a hint:  wise, caring leadership counts for a lot more than any ideology.)

    You might enjoy this piece from Bill Maher on "Clown and Country"

    We have wise, caring, leadership today in the U.S., and every adult that wants it will have vaccine access by May 1, and the U.S. hasn't had to rely on cutting corners as the SinoVac from China has. China will be far behind the U.S., and is attempting to use its vaccine to leverage diplomacy. But, hey, Maher has his own show, and can do what he wants.

    Bill Maher barely acknowledges human rights violations in Xinjiang, but John Oliver certainly does;

    So, your attempt to "bury the lede" on human rights violations in China, by posting a screed by Bill Maher on comparative economies fails. You probably aren't even cognizant to the fact that the U.S., at a quarter the size of China, is still the leading economy, and will be through the end of the decade. China, for all of its massive construction will also find out that "what you strive to attain, you must also maintain", a huge cost that every country bears for its existing infrastructure.

    I gave up watching Bill Maher when I gave up cable and HBO, near twenty years ago. He isn't anything but provocative.

    "“This (divergence in growth) is consistent with our view that the pandemic has been a much larger blow to the US economy than China’s economy,” Rob Subbaraman of Nomura said in an email Friday. “We believe that on reasonable growth projections the size of China’s economy in USD terms will overtake the US in 2028.”

    On the other hand, the U.S. and the West's plan for sourcing outside of China will likely delay that date, but I can state as a fact that the U.S. economy is going to grow at a very fast rate in Q3 and Q4 of this year, due to vaccinations.

    This is what your China hatred buys:  A former trading partner aligning themselves with a known enemy who has attacked out country multiple times (after we tried to entice one of their former allies over to our side).
    That's dumb.   Really, really dumb.

    So now:   Russia isn't going to take our shit anymore -- and neither is China.
    But go ahead and keep backing Trump's cold war.
    ... But maybe if we build more ICBMs and aircraft carriers -- or up the trash talk -- they will come over to our side.   /s
    ST PETERSBURG RUSSIA - JUNE 6 2019 Chinas Persident Xi Jinping L and Russias President Vladimir Putin shake hands at a ceremony at St Petersburg University in which Xi Jinping was awarded St Petersburg University honorary doctoral degree

    • Russia and China’s space agencies signed an agreement this week to create an International Scientific Lunar Station.
    • Russia also apparently rebuked NASA’s invitation to join the Artemis project that aims to put people back on the moon by 2024.
    • That follows a quarter of century of U.S.-Russian space cooperation, launched by those who dreamed of post-Cold War reconciliation.
    • Russia’s growing strategic bond with China is the latest evidence the Western approach to Moscow has failed to produce the desired results.

    Okay...from your mouth to God's ear.


    Before you attack an enemy you should probably make sure that they are an enemy.  If not, they will be.
    I'm certain that China decided to challenge the rules of order established after WWII when Xi Jinping declared himself President for Life. With that, and China's erasure of democracy in Hong Kong, prematurely based on the agreement with the UK, and constant threats against its neighbors, it is pretty obvious that China's authoritarianism is a threat to democracies around the world. That makes them a potential enemy, and for National Security reasons, we have to treat them as that. Of course, China would see us as a threat, given our history during and after WWII as the world's greatest superpower and democracy.

    Interestingly enough, the Quad (U.S., Japan, Australia, and India) just met to discuss many concerns centered on China, especially China's military buildup in the Indo-Pacific. I'm thinking, India becomes the go to for sourcing as China's manufacturing for the world deflates. That's a problem that China created, not the U.S.

    You don't follow anything about National Security, so of course you will side with China, a flawed assessment.

    Personally, I would rather see India benefit from sourcing to the West vs China, so we'll see how that works out.
    Full of lies, distortion, and fake news. 
    Sure. /s

    Funny how much disinformation is shared on open platforms in the West, especially by China's diplomats, that are banned or censored in China.

    "A little more than a year ago, China had almost no diplomatic presence on Twitter. A handful of accounts, many representing far-flung diplomatic outposts, operated without apparent coordination or direction from Beijing. Today, the work of Chinese diplomats on Twitter looks very different: More than 170 of them bicker with Western powers, promote conspiracies about the coronavirus, and troll Americans on issues of raceThe quadrupling in the past year and a half of China’s diplomatic presence on a site blocked within China suggests that turning to Western platforms to influence the information environment beyond China’s borders is no longer an afterthought but a priority.

    You have been a part of that disinformation campaign, but I doubt that you have diplomatic credentials, so it must be the United Front Work Party that you represent.

    Literally, no one in our government believes that China's rise is benign, and 90 percent of American's want a tough stance on China;

    "Most Americans Support Tough Stance Toward China on Human Rights, Economic Issues"

    Xi Jinping did not declare himself President for Life. This is a shameless lie. 
  • Apple reportedly drags its feet when dealing with chronic China labor law offenders

    Apple follows the laws in China. China doesn’t care about their citizens and workers, they care about the country making money to keep the party in power.
    Man, do you know Chinese bought more new cars a year than US? China is the second largest market of Apple?
  • Apple has the 'key ingredients' needed to disrupt the car market, analysts say

    Apple will use iPhone 12 5G in Apple Car. 
  • Wistron found to be committing violations of labor laws in Indian iPhone assembly plant

    wizard69 said:
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    wizard69 said:
    Apple needs to be held accountable here.   It’s bad enough that they are using slave labor in China, that will not be tolerated in a freer country like India.  Beyond that the wages highlight just how low Apple will go to enhance margins.   Exploitation is exactly that no matter how much you try to distance yourself.    I really don’t think Cook grasps how bad his behavior is in this regard.  
    Slave labor is used according to American living standard. In many countries it is not slave labor. You are ignorant of Apple business. Foxconn, Wistron, Pegatron are not owned by Apple. They are contracting companies. They also build products for many other companies. Can you elaborate what Apple did to them to enhance margins? 

    I'm not sure what you are after here.    Apple does indeed use slave labor in China, this isn't about standards of living but rather the Chinese government interning people in labor camps for political purposes.   The net result if forced labor.

    As for my supposed ignorance, I suggest you look in the mirror.   Apple has had long term relationships with these companies even after years and years of reported misbehavior.    Apple only reason to do business with them is to get their work done in largely unregulated areas of the world.   Even if there are "regulations" China is so corrupt that it really doesn't matter if there are labor laws.  

    You must be a bit out of touch with respect to what Apple does to its suppliers.   The history there is pretty public so you don't need to take my word for it.    In a nut shell they simply make demands that the contractors have to make to keep the business.

    Look at it another way, back in the day when Apple closed down manufacturing in the USA and eventually moved most of it to China, they didn't change the prices on anything one bit.   In fact they continued to raise prices.   This has lead to the highest margins in the industry.    It is pretty hard to believe that you are so out of touch that you don't realize just how high Apples margins are on its products.    That was all about Apples move to China to get products manufactured at a far lower costs.    Not one penny of that savings was passed on to consumers in lower prices.

    By the way Apple isn't the only company guilty here, almost every business that moved to China just increased their profits on stuff sold in the USA.   Prices never came down.   Basically a good part of America got screwed over by US based companies enjoying the slave labor afforded them by the CCP.  
    Talking about politics, China is accused by political forces abroad for using forced labor, slave labor. China has hundreds of millions of workers. Apple has to use slave labor or forced to make the most expensive products in the world? Give me a break! Apple enjoys high margins not because of cheap production but because of it is making premium quality products that consumers would not mind paying extraordinary price for them. 
    Apple moved to China many years ago because a lot of PC manufacturers are making Wintel machines there and thus able to sell PCs at bargain prices. I think you are too young to see this history. 
    America screwed itself. Because the people demand higher pay. They used strikes to force companies to increase wages. But in the 1970s Japan is making cheaper cars that many consumers chose. President Reagan broke the union by encouraging free trade allowing US companies relocating plants overseas. China took advantage of this trend. Blaming others for one's own fault and denying one's fault is really typical of democracy. Because in democracy people is always right thus cannot admit responsibility.